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    How do you make rice?

    created by EmmaJoy98 368 days 6 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How do you make rice?

    Hey CNET!

    Do you make your rice in a rice cooker? Or on the stove? Do you use minute-rice packets? How do you make your rice?

    I have a rice cooker that I use very often. It's so easy to just put the rice in, and then set it and go do some homework or something while it's cooking. It does take a long time to cook which isn't ideal, but it makes me be proactive about doing something while it's cooking.


    Re: How do you make rice?

    Hi Emma,

    I also use a rice cooker. It does take a bit longer but it beats standing at the stove waiting for it and it seems to turn out better. I like being able to flip the switch down and walk away and get other things done or just relax.

    Re: How do you make rice?

    Hey Emma!

    If I'm making a huge portion of rice, I use a rice cooker. If I'm making a personal portion, I use the stove.

    I don't really use any measurements when I'm making rice, I just put rice in the rice cooker pot, wash it, then fill it up to where I feel is the right amount. I do the same with the stove top method! If it comes out a bit harder than usual, then I just add more water and let it cook more. If it's too soggy... oh well!

    - Kyle

    Re: How do you make rice?


    I love rice!! I recently found this yellow rice that I absolutely love. I cook it on the stove. I have used the boil in a bag stuff always turns out ok. Rice cookers are awesome and I use mine frequently its a small one so it only does 1 cup rice 2 cups water. I start it then cook whatever else we are having for dinner. Very convenient.


    Re: How do you make rice?

    Hey Emma,

    I am a huge rice fan. I make rice at home on the stove. I just buy a pack of the rice.

    this is how I make it:

    1. I get a deep pot and put it on the stove.
    2. I put in some oil according to how much I am making. I don't put a whole lot of oil.
    3. While waiting for the oil to become little warm, I wash my rice.
    4. Then I pour it inside the oil stir it for a little.
    5. Then I pour water on top of my rice just a little above the actual rice. and add salt. stir it again 4 times.
    6. I let it boil until all the water is gone. the rice is now supposed to be soft and smooth.

    make sure after it starts boiling you decrease the temperature a little.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: How do you make rice?

    Hi Emma,

    I usually cook regular brown rice on the stove top. Like Kyle, I just use my judgement when it comes to water and salt measurement. If its the minute rice, I usually use the microwave or if I have time I use the stove top. I don't really like rice, but I live with my uncle and he loves rice so I usually cook it for him.