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    Would you rather....

    created by bluesapphire7 370 days 9 hours 58 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would you rather....

    Would you rather have the ability to travel to the past or the ability to travel to the future?

    I would rather travel to the past because I would like to meet family members from the 1800's.

    Re: Would you rather....

    I have to agree with you bluesapphire7. The past would be my choice because there are so many people that I've heard about and would love to have had the chance to meet. I'm kind of intimidated by seeing the future. I'd rather have it play out and learn as it comes. It would be terrible to go to the future and find out that your child dies young, or that the US no longer exists...something that it would be very hard to go back and live normally when you know it.

    I am grateful this is not actually an option (yet).

    Have a great one!

    - Kara

    Re: Would you rather....

    I would rather travel to the future to see if it's worth living for.

    Re: Would you rather....

    Hi bluesapphire7,

    I would choose to be able to go to the future so that I can bring back knowledge and understanding to the present and help humanity.



    Re: Would you rather....


    I would want to see the future because my past sucks and I never want to go through the same crap again. I am tired of all this miserable events that keep happening. I really want to move forward maybe life will be better in the future.


    Re: Would you rather....


    As a techy, I think I’d prefer to go into the future. I’m excited for all the things that have developed and how much further it’ll evolve as far as technology is concerned. I’m also a history buff so it would be really tough to choose.