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    Hometown Favorites

    created by mkwilliams1117 369 days 2 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Hometown Favorites

    Good Morning CNet-ers,

    Do you currently live in your home town? Or do you live somewhere else?

    If you moved away, is there something you just have to eat, do, or see when you go home to visit?

    If you do live in your home town, is there something you'd really miss if you moved away?

    I grew up in Illinois, but currently live in Charlotte, NC. Every time I go home, I always have to get pizza from our local pizza place, Poor Boys Pizza. My entire family knows that when I'm home, it's necessary that we go there. It's nostalgic for me because it reminds me of growing up, but it's also delicious and I can't get it anywhere else!

    What about you? I look forward to hearing your responses!


    Re: Hometown Favorites

    Hey Megan!

    I live one town away from my home town. So I go back very frequently. In fact, I drive through my home town to get to work every day. I don't feel that I miss anything as I can just drive back any time I want. There aren't too many restaurants in my home town either actually. I would prefer to drive two towns away. They have amazing places to eat! I will visit my hometown to visit friends who still live there...that is the only reason besides driving through to get to work. I moved out of this town because I needed to find an apartment. There are pretty much only single family homes in my home town. I moved to the next town over as it has many apartment communities and is very close to my job.

    Thanks so much!!


    Re: Hometown Favorites

    Hi Megan :)

    I don't live in my hometown anymore, and haven't for a few years. I do miss it a lot, actually. My dad needed to move closer to his job, so we moved from a town of 4,000 people to a town of 12,000. It shouldn't be that big of a difference but it kind of really is to me.
    What I miss the most about my hometown is the library. There was a wealthy family that donated a ton of money to have it built, and it is very nice. We used to go there so often and we knew all of the librarians. There is also a local cafe and used book shop that I liked very much.

    Re: Hometown Favorites

    Hi Meagan,

    I currently live in my hometown and it is surrounded by grocery stores, dollars stores, beauty salons, and restaurants. I don't even need a car to go to most places here which is a good thing lol. I really enjoy going to the dollar tree in my neighborhood because I could get a lot's affordable school supplies there without having to go to office max and it's super fun shopping there. I also love going to McDonald which is just a 3 minute walk away from my house. I would go there when I just need a go-to meal to eat right away. I would definitely miss my neighborhood when I move because there are so many stores here that are nearby and I don't need transportation for any a lot's of them.

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!

    Re: Hometown Favorites

    Hey Megan!

    I grew up in a pretty small town and was about 45 minutes to 1 hour away from anything really exciting, so I can't say I really missed much when I moved away, first to Utah then back to Washington in the capitol city of Olympia.

    I really didn't like being so far from everything growing up but now I do miss the quiet and the country out at my parents place. Even though it is good to visit and I enjoy getting away from all the concrete and buildings, I like where I live now more.

    I do miss being closer to all the small town events, there are a lot of old logging towns nearby that always have something going on from fairs to wine walks, parades, markets, rodeos and shows, it just has a home grown feel to it all.

    Have a good day!


    Re: Hometown Favorites

    Hey Megan!

    I don't live in my hometown but I go back there during school breaks. Something I always have to do is go back to my old dance studio and take a class or two. I miss my dance family and it's so nice to get back into that culture there cause it's so different from the dance culture at school.

    Another thing I do is I make sure to stop by the Thai restaurant in town. I'm on a first name basis with everyone there and I miss seeing them when I pick up my food so I always stop in there for a yummy lunch!