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    Could you live without your phone?

    created by courtcong 371 days 5 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Could you live without your phone?

    I've been watching "Friends" a lot lately and they make that time period so awesome when people weren't constantly texting and twittering and instagraming and facebooking. People could go up to other people and actually talk to others for entertainment and learn about one anthers lives not by scrolling through their pages. You got to know people face to face rather than through their social media or even Tinder.

    Sometimes, I wish phones just didn't exist so that society would make it so much easier to socialize.

    What do you think?
    Do you think we spend too much time on our phones?
    How to we combat this?
    Could you live without your phone?

    Happy Tuesday everyone

    Re: Could you live without your phone?

    Hey Court! :)

    You pose an interesting question. Would we really socialize more? I think it's possible, but for me personally, I think I would just bring books places more. Even now with my phone, I always have my bag filled with paper and pens and pencils - basically things to do to purposely not interact with people. I'm really not a fan of socializing anyway, and my phone honestly really saves me a lot of stress in that area - sometimes I just need to look busy because I simply can't be socially active anymore.
    Maybe we really do spend too much time on our phones. In fact, we probably do. It would be good for all of us to just focus on the here and now, who we're with and why we're with them.
    I'd be okay living without my phone, but I'd probably have back problems from carrying all of my books around. Haha.

    Becky :)

    Re: Could you live without your phone?


    I could definitely live without my phone. I only need it to make calls . I deleted every social media app I had because it is just clutter. The facet of social media has us drawn into our phones way too much. I think without Instagram checking the cellphone because less important. With Facebook , insta , snapchat , and various other apps the phone is like a drug. The cellphone is only ass addictive as the owner wants it to be. I think being social is different based on each persons lifestyle and the phone may or may not be a factor of unsocial tendencies.

    Good question !

    -Poetic Justice

    Re: Could you live without your phone?

    Hi Court,

    I could live without my phone for all the activities that people have their faces glued to their phone screens, but it is my source of communication for phone calls and would need that. I grew to despise having a cell phone with my last job because I was always accessible 24/7 and had people calling, texting, and emailing when I'm at home and on vacation. I would much rather communicate face to face when possible and think I could go without texting, Facebook, etc. but I probably couldn't go for an extended period of time without the internet.

    Re: Could you live without your phone?

    Good Morning Court,

    Yes, I absolutely could live without a phone because I like to actually visit and talk with my friends and family face to face. It's great to actually laugh together and share experiences. Have a fabulous and productive day.


    Re: Could you live without your phone?


    I do agree that phones are a problem, keeping people from interacting with the world around them. Someone would rather be liked on a social networking cite, going as far as to change the way the look and act for it than to be like in real life, by the people you work or go to school with. People spend too much time on their phones. But phones are also real useful and I couldn't live without mine. It's not because of the social media apps I have or the games or the simple conveniences, but because I am an army brat, I don't live near my family and I've moved away from friends. It's my phone that allows me to keep in contact with them, especially my boyfriend. I wouldn't give that away for the world.


    Re: Could you live without your phone?


    As much as I hate to say it, I don't think I could live without my phone! I like having the option to talk to my friends whenever I want, and not having to wait until we're in person. That being said, when I am hanging out with friends in person, we don't touch our phones! Sometimes we even play a game when we go out to eat: everyone puts their phones face down in a pile on the table. The first person to touch their phone or pick it up to read a text pays the bill! We all enjoy being together, though, so we haven't had a "loser" yet :)

    I definitely agree that people spend way too much time on their phones for things such as gaming and social media, but I do think they can be great ways to connect with loved ones you don't see often!

    Re: Could you live without your phone?

    Thanks for the responses everyone! I really enjoyed hearing what you guys thought

    Here's what I think:
    I could feasibly do it if I were to be given some warning in advance. My cell phone is the only number I can be reached at (I don't have a landline), and despite my absolute hatred of telephone conversations, there are simply some times that people need to get ahold of me. For instance, I have a few interviews this week and next week which will take place over the phone. The modern world expects me to have a way to communicate with them, and if I want to keep up, I have to oblige.

    Now...that doesn't mean I need a smartphone. And it doesn't mean that I have to be as attached to my phone as I currently am. Assuming that I had the day planned out sufficiently in advance, I could easily live without my phone. I'm not saying I would necessarily enjoy that experience, however.

    I love being outside, surrounded by the natural world. And typically, if I get far enough away from civilization, my phone becomes little more than a paperweight. I know that's supposed to make me feel relaxed, stress-free, and "one with nature." But it never does. Back in October and November, I spent two weekends in a state park. I didn't have a cell phone signal for three days (six days, by the time both weekends were over). And my cell phone is my connection to the Internet most of the time.

    Not only did I suffer extreme CNet withdrawal, but I simply felt incredibly stressed for the majority of the weekend. I am a compulsive e-mail checker, and I'm fairly certain my blood pressure rises significantly when I don't check it at least once every hour. When I turned my thoughts towards the idea of over one hundred unread e-mails piling up in my inbox; it was enough to make me hyperventilate the tiniest bit.

    Re: Could you live without your phone?

    Hey Court,

    If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you the same thing about me and my phone. I had an ancient phone for years until my fiance finally just bought me an iPhone without me wanting it. They will all say I never answer my phone, I do random pop ups on social media, and I don't reply until hours later. I live in the moment. I have to really tell myself to reply. If it is not a life and death situation, it can wait. I have so many things going on in my life it is hard to keep up with stuff like that.

    Enjoy life! Let those emails wait. They are not worth the stress.


    Re: Could you live without your phone?

    Hey Court!

    I honestly miss the time I had as a kid without a phone. I didn't get one until I was in the 6th grade, and I didn't get my first smart phone until my junior year of high school. All my friends had phones by 4th grade so I felt left out cause I couldn't text, and I was super late to the social media game because I didn't have a smartphone until 2014. Life felt a little left out cause I didn't have the same ways of communication as them, but honestly, life was a little better I think. I honestly hate that my phone is so attached to me, I wish I could live the way I did before my phone and all these social media apps. I don't use them much anyways, but they are a distraction and when I do use them it's such waste of time my opinion. Life did look more enjoyable when there were no phones to distract ones self with and we just sat around and talked to each other. Life seemed way more animated!


    Re: Could you live without your phone?


    No I couldn’t live without my phone I’m always buys with work and school and most of the time I use my phone to complete assignments being as though I can’t bring my laptop everywhere I go lol. School is apart of me now and without my phone I would be so behind in a lot of assignments lol

    Re: Could you live without your phone?

    Hey there!

    This is an awesome post. I love thinking about this and the addictions and habits that have quickly developed in myself and our society.

    I remember times in highschool when I owned a smart phone and decided to go back to using a simple and basic phone. During that time I recognized that habits of the people that I was around and it was like their eyes were glues to their phone screens! I have read many articles about cell phone addictions, and many reveal startling facts about cell phone use, app development, and screen-time.

    The most startling piece of informations that hit hard on the core was that the way the apps developed their strategy to get people hooked, was to shoot straight for the most primal part of our brains. Triggering certain emotions when we got notifications and fine-tuning the perfect apps to make humans addicted to the satisfaction that the apps brings.

    I also think that phones bring a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out).

    I personally think that I would love to go without having a smartphone but it would be to difficult to keep up the communications patterns that I have developed over time without one.