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    Facing The Unknown

    created by Sunshine Song 373 days 6 hours 39 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Facing The Unknown

    What do you do in the face of fear? (Or failure, rejection, anxiety, etc.)
    How do you cope with stress and hopelessness when things get difficult? (Whether it’s school, work, relationships, sports, etc.)
    What is a specific time you did this?
    What would you tell your younger self, knowing what you know now about facing the unknown?

    When I feel hopeless or overwhelmed, I turn to my friends and family. They always remind me of who I am. I am less afraid of failure. Also, I will meditate to clear my mind. This helps me face whatever problem occurring head on. Sometimes I will eat food and that helps when I feel scared, stressed, or overwhelmed.

    This always helps me not be too attached to the outcome and focus on the present and what I can do now:

    It’s not about the outcome or result, it’s about who you become in the face of the unknown and the possibility you invent for yourself when you are bold and audacious.

    For example, I was so worried about if I would get into UW or not. I worked hard on the application process and creating movement in my academic life. Once the application was sent, I was happy I even tried. Worrying about the acceptance letter is unhelpful because that won’t have much influence over the decision of the school. I did the best I could at the time and I continued to improve myself, regardless of the outcome of the acceptance letter. I ended up getting in anyway, which was cool.

    Re: Facing The Unknown

    I also turn to my friends and family, who I turn to usually depends on the category of the thing however. If it has to do with relationships, I will turn to my friends first and then my mom. If it is most everything else, I will go to my parents and my friends. What I do in the face of failure, rejection, or anxiety is remind myself that my thoughts in the present do not affect the outcome of the future. I remind myself that worrying will get me know where and it is best to just not think about it as it is out of my hands.

    A simple example of this is being late for class lol. If I am already driving and I know that I will be 10 minutes late for class, I don't allow myself to keep looking at the clock because it honestly will not get me there any faster whether I know the time or not, it will only serve to make me increasingly anxious.

    Another example, is when I interviewed for my very first job. It was a state job and I thought there was no way in hell I would get it because all I had was volunteer experience, I almost didn't even apply but my mom reminded me that if I didn't aim high, then I would never get anywhere. So I applied and they ended up hiring me! I was so surprised. I have tried to keep this attitude with me in all aspects of my life, "Aim high, and see where you land" , because at least you tried.

    Re: Facing The Unknown

    Hey Song!

    Great question, we all have faced and feared the unknown at some time in our lives. The last quarter of my schooling was really hard for me because I was terrified of failure, I was so unsure that I would rather quit than to fail, but I called my parents first.

    Deep down I didn't really want to quit, even though that is was showed on the surface, and so I called the people closest to me and asked for help and for encouragement. There is no way I could have made it through without the encouragement of my family and friends. They literally believed in me when I did not believe in myself.

    Since then I feel stronger. I feel more resistant to the fears that hold me back. I feel more adept to face the unknown.

    I am more excited than ever to finish school and go on adventures. The lure of the unknown is actually exciting now.

    Check out this video by Will Smith on fear, its amazing!

    Have a great day,


    Re: Facing The Unknown

    Good Morning Song,
    Happy Monday. When I am facing the unknown or feeling overwhelmed I take a deep breath and focus on one day at a time. Take a walk or much needed break to reflect on what is important to me. I find that these two things help give me balance and proper perspective of what ever I am being challenged with. Thanks for the forum and have a great and productive day.


    Re: Facing The Unknown

    To face my fears, I ask myself why not? Why not try for whatever I'm afraid of? Why not do something that may lead to a wonderful experience? These questions puts myself back on track and focused on what I can do. Usually, these are asked after I let myself break down completely, shed a few tears and keep moving. I also know that I can turn to my family if I ever need help or I'm completely overwhelmed and I don't know how to make things get better.

    A specific time I had done this was when I had to move the summer before my senior year. I was facing murky waters and completely stressed. I decided to join the marching band, which included the summer camp and many after school practices and very long nights for football games. Though it was a valuable experience, I had almost quit. I broke down then got up, because why wouldn't I be a part of this band. I love music and marching band is a wonderful experience. Why not? When school started... yeah. I was the new senior, the other seniors already had their friends and most thought I was a freshman. I was the new kid so I didn't know the layout of the school. Put those two together and you get a student who was completely lost. I talked to my mom and my boyfriend, slowly working things out and I was able to make the best out of what I had.

    If I could tell my younger self something, it would be to talk to my family more. They now how to cheer me up. I mean, they're the ones that make me laugh everyday. I would tell myself to trust more people, they keep me from being swallowed by my fears.