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    Registered to vote?

    created by mistervancleef 330 days 5 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Registered to vote?

    Are you registered to vote?

    If so, do you vote regularly in each election?

    I am registered to vote and I try to vote as often as I can.



    Re: Registered to vote?

    Hey Tom!

    I am registered to vote, but I have to admit I have only voted in the presidential election. I know I need to try harder to keep up on my local politics, city, county, and state, but I would have to start from the bottom up since I don't know much about my local politicians.

    This is what keeps me from voting. I don't know what is really going on so I would rather not vote at all than to blindly vote for anyone with a good name.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Registered to vote?

    Hello Tom,

    Last year was the first year I ever voted in my entire life. So yea I would say I am registered to vote. I onlt registered to vote to vote for Donald Trump.

    Thanks for reading

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Registered to vote?

    I registered as soon as I turned 18! I think I missed one election because of Hurricane Sandy but otherwise I make sure to hit the booths every November. I'd be a major hypocrite if I didn't vote and continued voicing my political beliefs on Facebook...

    Re: Registered to vote?

    Hi Tom,

    Yes. I've been registered since college (it was exciting voting in my first presidential election back in 2012). Beyond the big names on the ballot, I didn't know much about politics. I didn't even vote in my local election 2 years ago. This year I've tried to change that by at least reading up a little on the people I am voting for. These people will make decisions that will affect us, so we should know who we are.

    I didn't vote this month due to the weather. It was pouring heavy rain outside and I honestly wasn't going to walk through that. The results were pretty much as I expected anyway. If this were last year, I would have gone no matter what lol.

    Re: Registered to vote?

    Hey Tom,

    I just recently became a citizen of the United States and I have not had the chance to register yet!

    I think I will register before the next presidential election and vote then.

    Have a good day!


    Re: Registered to vote?

    Hey Tom!

    I am not registered to vote. I really should, but I just don't know enough about politics that I don't think I could make an educated vote and I don't want to have the extra pressure to think that my guess could be bad or put weight on other people's opinions to make mine. I I'll register at some point, but as of now, I am not.