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    Coffee Drinkers

    created by LK51 327 days 12 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Coffee Drinkers

    Hello coffee lovers,
    At what age did you start drinking coffee? Do you wish you would have started sooner or later? or are you content with the age you started drinking coffee?

    Re: Coffee Drinkers

    I started drinking coffee of the age of 12 , my family doesn't really drink coffee but when i would sleep over at my grandparents house, they would drink coffee and i just decided to serve myself a cup one day. Im pretty okay with drinking coffee around that age because it felt good to just talk and spend some quality time with them. and also i dont think its an early age because im not like addict or anything right now , i just drink it like once in a while.

    Re: Coffee Drinkers

    Hey !

    I've drank coffee for as long as I can remember.

    I believe I'm kind of addicted and need it to get through my day.

    Have a good one!