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    Favorite Song ?

    created by animal lover 328 days 3 hours 17 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Favorite Song ?

    Hello CNET ,

    What is your jam ? Music is a universal language that caresses the heart of the young and old. I am always looking to hear what others enjoy. Frankly , I tend to listen to the same songs. I enjoy instrumentals and french acid rap . I am not a big fan of the radio , but I hear it in the car sometimes. I like to find underground music that is not as popular. My favorite song at the moment is "Non-Amour by Mennel Salaam".

    What is your favorite song ?

    Do you like albums or individual songs ?

    What site or app do you use to listen to music ?

    Thanks for the response !

    Poetic Justice

    Re: Favorite Song ?

    Not sure I really have a favorite song. I also listen to the same stuff over and over again. I prefer individual songs to albums I don't always like all the songs on an album. I use Amazon prime and create my own playlists so I don't have to skip through songs I don't like.

    Re: Favorite Song ?


    Currently, my favorite song is Rockstar my Post Malone. Ever since it came out, I’ve been jamming to it everyday.

    Have a good night!


    Re: Favorite Song ?

    I have so many favorite songs that it is really hard to pick! However I will have to say that my favorite is "Le Coeur Eléphant" by Fréro Delavega. I just love how relaxed it is yet it had powerful words and beautiful acoustics.
    I usually listen to individual songs, although I will listen to albums if I really really like the artist(s)
    I like to use Pandora and YouTube of course!

    Re: Favorite Song ?

    My favorite song at the moment is Havana by Camila Cabello. It is super catchy and makes me want to dance!

    Re: Favorite Song ?

    Good Morning Poetic Justice,

    I don't have one favorite song, but I enjoy listening to gospel music. I find gospel music to be very uplifting and inspiring, it definitely helps me to start my day on a positive vibe. Thanks for the forum and have a blessed and fabulous day.


    Re: Favorite Song ?

    Poetic Justice,

    I have way to many favorite songs to list, if i had to choose one it would be Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. This song pretty much touches how how i feel about money. To sum it all up, you have to have it, but you become a slave to it " and then you die"-Richard Aschroft- (The Verve). I love all types of genres: classical, Spanish music, world music, urban music, electronic, country, alternative rock, mod, you name it. There are a few albums that i do like but for the most part, I listen to individual songs from albums. My primary source site source to listen to music is YouTube ( I dislike the ads) but can find any song I like.


    Re: Favorite Song ?


    My favorite song depends on my mood. My favorite pick me up is "This is Not a Game" by the Chemical Brothers. The beat instantly makes me feel better. "Partition" by Beyonce gives me self confidence. "Shelter" by Dash Berlin comforts me.

    Thank you for this post, I'm going to listen to all the tracks in the responses!


    Re: Favorite Song ?

    I love a good mix of music but I am definitely a country girl at heart. I have XM Radio in my car and switch between 3 country stations. I also listen to a station called "90s on 9," which is amazing. Growing up in the 90s, it plays all of the old jams from my childhood and definitely brings back some memories. I have to say some old Matchbox 20 is my ultimate favorite to jam to!

    I am curious what French acid rap is though?

    Happy jamming,

    Re: Favorite Song ?


    I don't really have a favorite song but if I had to choose it would be almost anything From Panic! At the Disco or Jessie J. However I do love all styles of music recently I have been obsessed with Hamilton and song The room where it happens


    Re: Favorite Song ?

    Hey Poetic Justice,

    Mine depends on the mood I'm in. Lately I've really been into Demi Levato's new song "Sorry not Sorry". I tend to gravitate to a lot of women empowering songs when I want to get motivated or just feel excited! For situations when I'm working out I like more Hip Hop and Rap genres such as "Fight Night" by Migos!

    Thanks for the topic!