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    created by What she tackles she conquers 395 days 50 minutes ago

    Category: Education


    I took four classes this semester not realizing it was going to be too much for me. I cant begin to tell you how much pressure and gray hairs I am having, Am so overwhelm.

    Re: stress

    You should just relax and take some time to yourself.

    Re: stress

    Thank you so much.

    Re: stress

    Hello conquerer,

    I know what you mean taking that many classes at once is overwhelming. Not to mention I just started working so that takes away from my homework/study time as well. Count from 10 backwards and take a deep breath and sigh.........................

    Have a beautiful day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: stress

    Talk with your professors!

    You might be surprised with some professors, if you explain your situation they may decide to be more flexible on assignment due dates. Most professors want complete assignments over assignments turned in on time, they would prefer you to do well in their course and will help you if they can.

    Keep chipping away at it, the quarter/semester will be over soon :)

    - Jessica

    PS. Welcome to CollegeNet!

    Re: stress


    I know exactly how you are feeling as I am also taking four classes for the first time. I've always taken three before and that has been manageable while still having plenty of free time for myself. This quarter though has just been brutal. I am keeping up but I have very minimal time to relax and do things other than school work. About halfway through the quarter, I decided I would never do that to myself again. However, due to the fact that a writing portfolio class I want to take is only offered in the spring, and need three more composition class prerequisites to take, I will be taking four classes in the winter again. The classes are my favorite but will have a total for four English classes that will have a lot of writing and will be more time consuming that what I have now. I've just been taking it a week at a time and right now I am in countdown mode with 3-1/2 weeks left before a much needed break. It is hard, but try your best to keep plugging away one thing at a time and before you know it, it will be over.

    Re: stress

    Hey girl

    I definitely know how you and others are feeling. I'm taking six classes this semester, and they started to get overwhelming at the start of November.

    I also have to work to survive, and I'm in a professional fraternity. I absolutely can not quit my job, and I wouldn't have anything else significant on my resume that I devote a lot of time to if I dropped the fraternity. I do believe though if I were able to quit one of the two I would be less stressed because it would give me some free time of which I have zero of during the week. Monday through Thursday my free time is rarely before 9:30 pm but by the time I get home I just want to sleep.

    Push through it! We'll all make it. There's something waiting on us at the end of the race.