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    No traffic on your forum

    created by Policy Maker 395 days 1 hour 51 minutes ago

    Category: World

    No traffic on your forum

    Hey guys

    Have you had a forum that got zero responses? How does it make you feel when your forums don't generate traffic? Does certain forums you make matter more to you than others to get responses?

    I'm currently feeling unhappy that I got no responses on my affirmative action post. I know that people would rather answer the easy questions first, especially when we don't have much time. But I really wanted to see the poll on this question, and reasoning behind it because it is something that I have been on both sides of the fence about.

    How about you? How do you feel about not getting responses or low responses?

    Re: No traffic on your forum

    Hi Policy Maker,

    I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes I want to quit because I'm not getting enough response and never gotten a scholarship but I try to stay strong because my time will soon come. It's really frustrating when you spend so much time and effort making post everyday with no chance of receiving a scholarship. I think the only thing we must do is stay strong and keep on posting interesting topics.

    Thanks and have a lovely day!


    Re: No traffic on your forum

    It certainly does make me feel disappointed if I get no responses or like one or two tiny responses, especially if it is a topic that I had put a lot of time and thought into. It can be frustrating to write a two paragraph philosophical question that is important to me and get zero replies but get 10 replies on a question about one's favorite color.

    If the question is really important to me and I really want other people's opinions on it, then I will wait a few weeks and ask it again in a different way.

    Re: No traffic on your forum

    Hi, I can understand your post and to be honest I was tired and just did not want to delve into a hard subject or sometimes controversial subject. I tend to agree with the points of Thomas Sowell on Affirmative Action for this day and age; but with the current state of conflict and divisiveness it is a sore subject for many.

    - W

    Re: No traffic on your forum

    Hey Policy Maker!

    I have had ones that don't get a response. I take it as a constructive criticism thing, and see what people respond to and what they don't respond to. Of course it sucks when no one responds to what you posted because when I post something I do always read what everyone writes on my forum. It's interesting to see the perspectives and how people react/interact with that topic.


    Re: No traffic on your forum

    I agree it can be frustrating when an important question doesn't draw a lot of responses, if any.

    I personally haven't seen your forum on affirmative action, so the time of day you post could have an effect on response rate as well; if you post at a high traffic time of day then its possible that people will choose the easier surface level questions when there are more forums to choose from.

    I really like bluesapphire7's solution! Posting your question again in a different way is a great way to experiment with drawing people into a conversation and get the results you're looking for.

    Thanks for reading!

    - Jessica

    Re: No traffic on your forum

    Hey guys

    Thanks for all of your responses to my forum about no responses. Haha it's kind of paradoxical.

    Unique - thanks for your response but I don't think you read my forum all the way through or didn't understand why no responses made me unhappy. It has nothing to do with winning, but more so to do with curiousity. I have one scholarships while having low responses. You stay in there though. You will win eventually! Just stay consistent. Make sure to read all the way through forums too before posting because it may affect your response and in return your votes.

    Bluesapphire - exactly!!! You definitely understand my frustration. Thanks for the advice. I will use it.

    Wames - thanks for the response. I guessed that the reasons you have given were the big ones as to why people didn't respond, but I guess I still had high hopes that a few people would. I'll be posting it again in the future. It would be great if you could mention Sowell again and describe why you side with him.

    Emma - I do the same. And I know that the less controversial and less thought provoking questions get the most responses but I still have hope that a few people will respond to the more thought provoking questions. I even try to make the forum short and save my opinion for my reply the next day as to not intimidate anyone who disagrees with me. I still vote for those I disagree with as long as I follow their argument.

    Jessica - thank you for feedback! I never really consider the time of day I post because I'm so busy through the week. I just post when I have the free time, but you've made me more conscious to that decision. I'll definitely take that advice in the future.

    Thanks again everyone. There were only two of you who I have yet to vote for so you two got my votes today- the last of the week. Good luck everyone.