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    Codename: Reset PassWord

    created by fa1th3rs 395 days 2 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Codename: Reset PassWord

    At my job a lot of our software requires us to reset our passwords every 3 months. Lately it seems to do this without warning so you're locked out of your account until you can come up with a password different enough from your old one and remember to type it in properly.

    I know I'm not supposed to but I basically use the same 3 passwords for everything and usually have them written down somewhere.

    Are you good at remembering passwords? How do you keep track when you have to change them?

    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord


    I can relate! I don't really change my passwords too much. In fact, I pretty much use the same passwords throughout most of my accounts to help me remember. I should certainly be using separate passwords to help minimize my accounts being hacked, but I just don't have very good memory when it comes to that!



    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord

    I'm honestly really good at remembering random strings of letters and numbers so I just use those. I can never seem to remember word combinations. I just remember by associating the combinations with the website somehow. Like maybe they share some of the same letters in the web address.

    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord

    Hi, oops, guilty here. I hate trying to remember passwords, so I have written them down or use a variation of the same one; so I would have a hard time having to come up with a new password every few months. What a pain.

    - W

    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord


    I would say that companies need to get rid of such silly policy and should start implementing 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). Although changing your passwords every 90 days is a good thing for any organization, it is painful to come up with different passwords yet alone remember them. Two Factor Authentication, requires the users to have another form of way of getting their passwords and verify who they are. Anytime anyone logs in from any locations, you can get an alert that someone is trying to access your account, and will ask if you give it permission. If you deny that device, it simply will not let you sign in. in my opinion, we can keep the 90 interval, you do not have to change your password as it stays the same(But still keep the typed password), and the user gets control without looking themselves out with a click of a recognize device.

    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord

    Hello ,

    If i change a password it must be an important site. I tend to keep my passwords streamlined .I will take the original password and change a couple of letters or add numbers and symbols. Therefore , i will only have to remember the new part. I also keep my passwords written down in private books that i know are safe. Therefore , i can keep track of what password goes with what website. I hope you find a better method to remember the passwords i know it can get confusing.


    -Poetic Justice

    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord

    As bad as this is, I try to keep my passwords all the same with the exception of those websites that ask for special characters. When they ask for special characters, I use ! because it's so easy to remember. I'm the absolute worst when it comes to memory which is why I pick very easy passwords that relate to myself. Going into my senior year, I've found that I've made MANY accounts for scholarship websites and applying for colleges. Because I've had to sign up for so many things, I keep track of all my usernames and passwords by adding them to my notes app on my phone! It's helped me a lot because I'm able to easily access all of them instead of struggling to remember off the top of my head.

    While I don't have to change my passwords on occasion, my mom does. Sometimes I'll use her computer, and she'll have a different password every few months because she works at home some days. I've found that her passwords are things she's interested in. For example, she was a huge Twilight fan so her password was "twilight1".

    Thank God I'm not in the same boat! Good luck with coming up with different passwords!!

    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord

    Good Morning,

    I keep the same password, and if I have to change it I just add a number. It works for me. Thanks for the forum and have a fabulous day.

    Re: Codename: Reset PassWord

    That is super annoying lol! My workplace literally does the same thing, and sometimes I would just be starting my shift as a cashier jumping in after another coworker who just ended his shift, and there's a huge line waiting for me. But I still have to go through the process of scanning my card and then logging in, just to find out I got to make myself a new password (for my safety it says). For real I never remember my passwords. Thankfully I got a gist of how my place works and so I just bring a little notebook with me where I go so I can keep track of my passwords. But then if that notebook ever gets into anybody else's hand I would be screwed lmao. What I do though is write down the password onto the notebook after making the new password, and then when I have time later I transfer that information to my phone (using this app that keeps a lock on my notes) and then I just scratch off what I wrote in the notebook!
    It's worked for me so far lol. But workplaces promoting password protection using methods like these really irks me, just a little bit x)

    Thanks for sharing, have a good one!