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    created by Lamyafaith00 395 days 3 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment


    Hey Guys,

    Let's talk about something fun (or at least I think it is), Movies! I love going to the movies, nearly everything about it is amazing. I love watching the super hero movies, mainly Marvel, and catching little Easter eggs and whatnot. But I always have one little problem, people who talk to me during the movie! I love my family and friends to death, but I hate when they try to have conversations during the movie, because I end up missing stuff, and I don't want to be rude and ignore them. With that being said, I have a few questions for y'all:
    -What kinds of movies do you like? ( Ex: Superhero, romance, comedy)
    -What's a pet peeve of yours when you go to the movies or watch them in general?
    -Would you rather watch movies in theaters or in the comfort of your own home?

    Re: Movies

    Hey! I don't usually go to the movie theaters unless it is a big-screen must action packed film with CGI and special effects. Things like Avatar, King Kong, The Hobbit, or any Marvel movies. I think the special effects are amazing and I love to see it on the big screen.

    I usually avoid the theater though because I think it smells weird. We only have one movie theater on this island and I swear it smells like babies or diapers or something. It drives me bonkers.

    Anything other than an action packed film and I'm at home watching it with my dogs and my blankets.


    Re: Movies


    My favorite types of movies are superhero/action movies. I love seeing those movies in theaters because you get the full experience of action and suspense!! I also really love comedies!! I love watching and laughing at funny movies! A pet peeve of mine when attending a movie is if I sit behind someone who is a lot of taller and I can't see. However, I would just move to a different seat in that long as the theater is not packed! All in all, I would prefer to watch a movie in the comfort of my own home. It is less expensive and I can be as comfortable as I want.



    Re: Movies

    Hi, I love to go to the movies and just watched the new Thor movie; but I did think it was kind of disappointing. At home my mom gets really into movies so she does tend to talk or yell out; but my dad is worse. If he is bored with a movie then he tends to start talking about something else and is loud without meaning to be.

    - W

    Re: Movies


    I like action movies, funny movies and romantic movies. I'll watch most genres (except for horror).

    My best friend has this habit of asking me questions about the movie while it's playing. She knows she does it and everyone always complains about it but she can't control it. It's a part of being her friend I guess and when she's out of the country and I'm watching a movie without her, I actually miss it.

    I love watching at home because pajamas! and $1 popcorn instead of $7 popcorn. But there really is nothing quite like the big screen and the enormous sound of the theater! I try to go to a movie in the theater at least twice a month.


    Re: Movies

    Hello Movie Lover ,

    I honestly have mixed emotions about the movies. I used to work in one and I barely went to see movies. I was in the theater so much i wanted to leave and not come back. I also got free tickets so it was sad that I did not use them at all. In an ironic twist i would watch movies at home . I enjoy being at home with the family and being able to talk and comment freely about the movie. It is awesome because the movie can be reminded if I missed something. I actually , dislike the fact that I cannot talk to anyone in the movie theater. I also enjoy waiting a couple months and being able to access it on the internet or DVD. Less expensive and i can wear my pajamas all night long.

    I enjoyed the question !

    -Poetic Justice

    Re: Movies

    What kinds of movies do you like? ( Ex: Superhero, romance, comedy)
    -What's a pet peeve of yours when you go to the movies or watch them in general?
    -Would you rather watch movies in theaters or in the comfort of your own home?
    Good evening!

    My favorite movies are animations (ex. Pixar, Disney Animations, Dreamworks Animations)! As a senior boy in high school, many people think my preference is a joke. It is far from that. I love the messages behind movies like these and the innocent comedy available for all ages. Movies like that really bring people together. I would personally rather watch movies in theaters. The experience is fun, the audience can be amusing, and movie popcorn is always a plus; however, people can easily ruin the show. My pet peeve during a movie is when someone´s alarm goes off! I truly do not understand how one could forget to turn off their alarms before a movie, or see one during the time they are supposed to regularly do something. It has always baffled me. Fun question, thank you! (:

    Re: Movies

    Good Morning,
    I like going to movie taverns where you have a variety of food and/or snacks. I enjoy watching action movies and hate when I hear people having a entire conversation throughout the movie. Thanks for the forum and have a fabulous day.