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    Favorite childhood toy?

    created by mistervancleef 395 days 5 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Favorite childhood toy?

    What was your favorite toy as a child?

    Mine were my GI Joe action figures. I was also a huge lego fan as a kid!!

    What about you??



    Re: Favorite childhood toy?


    I wasn't your average little girl. I didn't get off into barbie dolls although my mom bought me all of the Bratz dolls. I more so liked to play sports and with other people (preferably boys). One of my mom's close friend has a mom that I loved as a kid. She had a teddy bear especially for me when I came over, and we called him "Fuzzy Wuzzy". Haha so Ms. Brown's teddy bear for me as a child was my favorite toy.

    Re: Favorite childhood toy?

    Hi mistervancleef,

    My favorite childhood toy was this stuffed animal cat I named Figaro (even though I didn't watch Pinocchio, I just used that name because my mom came up with it). I took Figaro EVERYWHERE.

    I am sad to say I lost Figaro. I suspect she was lost behind the couch at one of the condos we stayed at during a family vacation. So sad. I was devastated for so long.

    I am still bitter.



    Re: Favorite childhood toy?

    I loved my Legos! I loved making entire Lego cities and taking my Polly Pockets on adventures in them. I used to spend hours and hours building things out of Legos, and I still love them as an adult! There are something that you can never truly grow out of! When I grow up, I want to have a Lego room lol.

    Re: Favorite childhood toy?


    I LOVED my Lite Brite. Making awesome light up pictures was so much fun. I was also huge into Polly Pockets, Barbie, and paper dolls. I was a total girly-girl, and I would let my imagination run wild with all of my toys.

    Thanks for the forum; you brought me down memory lane!


    Re: Favorite childhood toy?

    I think I loved playing with PlayDoh the most! I used to be that kid that left the stuff out under the sun to let it melt and then bring it back inside and let it solidify! I always got into so much trouble for that but that never stopped me from hiding my melted clays and playing with them x)

    Thanks for sharing, have a good one!

    Re: Favorite childhood toy?


    I really liked playing with those small leggos. Also I had a small toy chick where you twisted the little thing in the side it would walk and dance and do flips. I was amazed lol!!!

    Re: Favorite childhood toy?

    Hey Tom,
    My favorite childhood toy was a baking oven that operated using a small light bulb. With this toy oven you could bake little cakes, cookies, etc. You could not tell me I was not a cook (lol). Great forum and thanks for the memory!!!


    Re: Favorite childhood toy?

    Hi Tom

    My favorite childhood toy was Spider-Man, I was obsessed with the toy and always played with it after school. I loved that toy so much that I bet if I saw it today I would still play with it same as I was a kid.


    Re: Favorite childhood toy?

    Hey Tom,

    Call me a hooligan, but my favorite toy was my plastic BB gun!

    I was actually obsessed with BB guns as a kid. I remember getting my first at like 5 years old and I was sooo happy. From there, I begged to get more. I had a lot in my childhood, I even took them apart and studied how they worked and even constructed my own. Pretty cool stuff.

    Have a good night!