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    What Social Media do you use the most?

    created by KingArthur 395 days 17 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What Social Media do you use the most?

    Hey guys,

    What social media do you use the most often? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat?

    Have a good night!


    Re: What Social Media do you use the most?

    Hi Arthur,
    I only have a Facebook account and primarily just scroll the news feed looking at news stories or different pages that interest me.

    Re: What Social Media do you use the most?

    Good morning Arthur - I would have to say that I use Instagram the most. I feel like the single pictures are easy to add and tell a nice story. I also use Snapchat, but only with my close friends and family. I am on Facebook because I've been on it for so long, but I rarely update my posts on there. Most of my friends don't use it's my parents and extended family that I keep up with on there.

    Have a great one!

    - Kara

    Re: What Social Media do you use the most?

    Hi KingArthur,

    I have to say that I use Instagram and Snapchat the most. I love photography, colors, art, and love to see the many forms people express their creativity.

    I use my Instagram as an artistic representation of my favorite photos of me, cool things I see out and about, etc.

    I use snapchat as a means of communication (besides text and Facebook Messenger), as well as just posting random cool stuff throughout the day.

    I do not check other peoples' social media very often because I do not like getting sucked into social media scrolling too much.



    Re: What Social Media do you use the most?

    Hi Arthur,

    I use Instagram more than anything. I've never been one to post status updates on what I'm doing, so I think sharing pictures is a great alternative. Now that you can create stories on Instagram, I don't really post to Snapchat anymore. If I am bored or have downtime, it is fun to play with the Snapchat filters.

    I have a Facebook account, and really only use it to keep in contact with my family. We are a very spread out family and most of my cousins live in different states, so this is a great way for us to connect. However, I try to avoid Facebook as much as possible. It is much different than it used to be, and now with the amount of internet trolls and topics for debate, most posts and comments are angry or argumentative. I don't like to participate in that kind of stuff.


    Re: What Social Media do you use the most?


    I usually use Instagram. I have a Facebook as well but I don't post anything on there I just like to see what others do and like their stuff.

    Re: What Social Media do you use the most?

    Hello ,

    I find Social Media annoying and brainwashing. I only use Facebook to communicate with people in other states. I try not to linger the post on my wall are just stupid. I avoid social media as much as I can it takes up to much time for useless pics and comments.

    good question !

    -Poetic Justice

    Re: What Social Media do you use the most?

    I have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, but I mainly use Facebook! Social media can be an unreliable source for news but that's how I get caught up with the world haha. It's easy to decipher when a website is credible or not, so I have no problem with it. However, I do want to use social media less since I find myself to be quite the addict.. yikes.