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    would you admit your fart

    created by 395 days 23 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: World

    would you admit your fart

    Hi guys...
    Just the typical topic of the day..

    Would you admit your fart when you accidentally bursted your gas in public?? Would you expose somebody for farting if the blame seemed to be shifting on to you??

    I feel so bitter today lol...Somebody blew gas next to me and my classmates around me all thought it was me, staring at me weirdly and giving me looks..(I swear it wasn't me!!)

    But anyway, I just wanted to vent..
    So my question today is, would you admit to your fart?? Or would you keep quiet and let somebody else to take the blame (boo to whoever farted next to me and kept their mouth shut lol; although they're forgiven because at the end of the day it was totally understandable..)

    Thanks guys, have a good one!

    Re: would you admit your fart


    If I feel comfortable around those people, I will never deny my farts!! If I am in public or at work, I will try not to fart if possible... This is a very amusing forum today!!

    This made me laugh!


    Re: would you admit your fart

    Ohhh man, I know how embarrassing that was.

    If my classmates were looking at me, I would've told them that it wasn't me so they could stop staring.

    To answer your question, If I accidentally farted, I would be too embarrassed to admit it was me which is why I try not to pass gas in public. If I would feel it coming, I would probably sit somewhere alone or go out so I don't end up passing gas.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Re: would you admit your fart

    Hi, ha ha this is a joke in our family. One of us males will fart and blame it on another male in the family, or even the dog; but you can usually tell the dog fart from everyone else's. My mom doesn't always think we are funny, especially if my dad farts in the car. He has to roll down the window. I do think this is a guy thing, more than a girl thing.

    - W

    Re: would you admit your fart


    Haha this is such a great post, definitely gave me a chuckle. If I'm around my family or friends I will absolutely own up to it. If I pass gas in public, I make sure that there isn't anyone really around because I want to be courteous. Sometimes you really can't help it though, but even then I don't think I would own up to it because I'd be super embarrassed!