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    Have you ever grown food?

    created by bIceberg 396 days 1 hour 58 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Have you ever grown food?

    Have you ever made a garden, or participated in gardening? Have you ever planted a vegetable seed, grown the plant, harvested and eaten that vegetable? Ever planted a fruit tree? Ever made tea with fresh garden herbs?

    I am a firm believer that gardening can change the world and rid a lot of people of terrible health problems. There's so much shitty processed food full of preservatives and chemicals, and people wonder how they got cancer! Gardening can save us all money and teach us about nature and our own bodies. It can build community, which our cities are lacking in.

    What do you think about community gardens? Back yard gardens?

    There's a Facebook page I follow called "Grow Food, Not Lawns," and they're basically a bunch of garden pirates that are trying to raise awareness about how easy, simple, healthy, and necessary it is to garden.

    Imagine if you had a garden in your backyard, and almost everyone on your block did too. You grew beets and your neighbor grew a bunch of carrots, Sam has bananas, Chris has an apricot tree, Tim has squash and zucchini, Lucy has all the herbs you could dream of. You could all trade groceries or do a weekly block farmers market instead of buying form a store. You could but an honor system stand in your front yard and make money. I live in a place with TONS of gardens and small organic farms, and we ACTUALLY do this!

    Re: Have you ever grown food?

    I love gardening too! I have an apple tree, and a small garden where I have grow corn, carrots, sweet peas, potatoes, and chives. I love going out to get fresh food for my dinner. We also have a lot of local organic farms here that I fully support. It is time to bring back REAL food and get rid of this fake stuff people call "food". You're right, no wonder they get cancer considering the American processed diet.

    Re: Have you ever grown food?

    Hi bIceberg,

    I have an asian pear tree in my backyard. We used to have two, but one died so we had to cut it down. My mom grows tomatoes every year and we've also had string beans, lettuce, chard, mint (a few kinds), fennel, carrots, and strawberries typically every year.

    This year my mom also grew a few peppers, which was cool. I'm sure we've grown other plants in the past, I just can't remember at the moment.



    Re: Have you ever grown food?

    Good afternoon blceberg,

    I live in Minnesota and yes during the summer months I do grow a garden with lots of vegetables. Some are tomatos, corn, green peppers,
    onions, celery, potatos, definitely cucumbers and green beans also cauliflower and cabbage. We do eat what we grow. Saves money in the long run especially when we can some of the veggies. Making salsa, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and pickles, also freeze the corn. In the end it all tastes great.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Have you ever grown food?


    I personally have never grown anything myself but my family does.

    In Russia, my grandfather loved planting trees, and he planted an apple tree for all of our closest relatives and named it after them.

    My mother also has a garden in our backyard and actually grows a lot of things. These things range from apple to berries to mint leaves. Its pretty awesome to be able to go into your backyard and pick some fresh raspberries to eat.

    Hope you have a good night!


    Re: Have you ever grown food?

    Hi, yes I have helped plant a garden and we have fruit trees. We have blueberries, apple trees, plum and cherry trees. We get really good tasting blueberry and apples, this year was the first time we saw cherries, but I think the hot weather ruined them. My grandpa always plants a big garden with carrots, green beans, peas, carrots, zucchini, squash, rubarb, potatoes, corn and tomatoes. He has to fight to keep out the deer and other animals from ruining his garden.

    - W

    Re: Have you ever grown food?

    Hey blceberg!

    I am a huge gardener and also am a huge advocate for it! I worked on my aunts organic farm during my summers and we grew all sorts of things! Carrots, spinach, basil, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, watermelon, cucumbers, squash.. it was always so great to have fresh produce and it's very gratifying to see the fruits (pun intended) of your labor when you are able to enjoy what you've grown. I also find it very relaxing spending time in the garden weeding and tending to the plants. It's so serene to be surrounded by plants and nature. I think community gardens would be amazing, and would not only bring people together but would also provide healthy fresh foods for everyone involved.


    Re: Have you ever grown food?


    Well personally, no I haven't, but my mom does have a garden and she plants herbs, different types of lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers! It's always funny when she says she has to do to her garden to get some herbs for our food. We can all tell she's really proud of her little garden. One day when I get my house, I'll try to plant some things because I've always wanted to. :D

    Re: Have you ever grown food?

    One summer when my mom was unemployed she got a starter kit for a vegetable garden. We painstakingly weeded the lawn, turned the soil, and planted the individual seeds and bulbs are directed. For awhile we were vigilant about keeping it properly watered and weeded. Then we had a week-long heat wave and neither of us dared to venture outside in the hot sunshine with stinging insects. By the time the heat subsided we couldn't tell what was a weed and what was produce so we let nature take its course.

    A few months later my mom asked me to dig up that vegetable patch again so she could plant flowers. Turns out potatoes and onions really don't need anyone's help to grow!

    Re: Have you ever grown food?


    I love to plant and garden it is great and create a beautiful space to view. I have recently gave my patio a face lift and added many plants . I decided it would be cool to grow ginger. I eat ginger so much so it wasa easy because i just let some of them sprout. I planted them and i am patiently waiting for them to grow . It will take about 6-8 months to fully grow. My favorite part of gardening in being patient and letting the plant grow. I tend to it everyday and I hope it grows fast.

    I enjoyed your question!

    -Poetic Justice