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    Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    created by cloudabu42 398 days 18 hours 39 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    Hey everyone!

    My best friend and I just did an 18 mile hike up one of the mountains in the Smokies! It was pretty intense, but when we got to the very top and got to look out on the most beautiful view, I felt so accomplished! What a great feeling!

    How about you guys? When's the last time you've felt accomplished about something?


    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    Hey Abby- Bridget here..
    The last time I felt accomplished was definitely after I finished working at my job one afternoon.... I had to make 1,800 apple pies for an event in NYC, The Food and Wine Festival. I finally completed the order after being stuck in the zone all day endlessly baking pie after pie, went home and went right to sleep! Pretty intense, I must say.

    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    I teach dance to kids of all ages, and recently I've gotten two students started on working on getting into choreographing too. Recently I had them make up a little piece of the dance for me, and it was really great! I felt so accomplished to see that I had inspired them to do such!


    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    I think the last time I felt accomplished was just today at work when I figured something out by myself without running up to my manager to get help (I honestly think that my manager is secretly annoyed whenever they get bombarded with questions, but who doesn't so it's understandable, especially when they're already busy.) But yeah I felt like I gained a bit more autonomy at work today because I was willing to take a bit of a risk and figured out the problem myself, and thankfully it all worked out!

    Thanks for sharing, have a good one!

    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?


    The last time I felt very accomplished was today! My fiance are in the process of seeing if we qualify for a home loan to purchase our first home together. We are very close to be approved for a traditional loan, but today we got approved for an FHA loan. We were hoping for a 30-year fixed but we are working toward that. With a bit more persistence, I think that within 6 months, we would have no problem getting there!

    Thanks and have a great night!!

    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    Hi cloudabu42,

    The last time I felt incredibly accomplished was last Saturday. My business is starting up and we needed to have a photoshoot to take photoshoot of all our merchandise. I worked really hard to enroll other people in the possibility of our company and get rhis photoshoot up.

    I coordinated everything and we ended not having to pay a penny for the entire photoshoot! Everyone came together, worked hard, and had fun!

    Afterwards ifelt so accomplished for having pulled off the event so smoothly, even when adversity came up with the lighting and I made an almost costly mistake.

    Great food, great people, great photos, great memories!



    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    Hey Abby!

    Yesterday I had a critique for a lamp that I reapolstered with fabric that I designed and printed. It went great and I was extremely proud of myself.

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Anna

    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    Hi, the last time I really felt like I had accomplished something great was when I was playing basketball and scoring very well. On a smaller scale would be earning extra credit for a class assignment I guess.

    - W

    Re: Last Time You've Felt Accomplished?

    Hi again, I must say your accomplishments sound fantastic with a lot of work involved. An 18 mile hike is something I would like to do when my leg is better, 1800 pies I can't even imagine, and being creative and independent - you deserve to feel proud.

    - W