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    Can you sing?

    created by KingArthur 398 days 21 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Can you sing?

    Hey guys!

    Can you sing??

    If not, do you sing anyway? For fun? In the shower?

    I definitely can not sing for the life of me. But I still enjoy to do it! I sing in the car or wherever.

    Have a good Friday!


    Re: Can you sing?


    Lol no and i shouldn't people will go deaf if i started singing haha. My voice sucks. I shouldn't talk either it sucks that bad.


    Re: Can you sing?


    No. I'm not good at singing but technically I can sing because words come out of my mouth to the beat of the music. Haha. I sing in my comfort zone even though I'm terrible.

    Re: Can you sing?


    I'm awful at singing! I can't sing right to save my life. But I still love to belt out some high notes when I'm alone in the car! Or sing bad on purpose with my friends. Singing is fun, even if you can't do it very well!


    Re: Can you sing?

    I thought I could sing until somebody showed me a recording of my singing voice, and my world was shattered lol. Still, it doesn't stop me from singing, usually not in public though for the sake of world peace. I love singing in the shower the most, as well as every morning in my car in order to stay away during the commute ride to campus!
    I loveee doing karaoke too, but only around people who are willing to put up with my singing/screaming voice!

    Thanks for sharing, have a good one!

    Re: Can you sing?

    I am a terrible singer! My voice is pretty bad and I would never want to force anyone to hear it. I sometimes sing in the shower...I can't help it. It is fun! Sometimes when you are in the shower and you have a song in your singing it out loud it is a great way to let that ear worm free!!



    Re: Can you sing?

    Hi KingArthur,

    I love to sing! I am definitely a soprano with a softer voice. My favorite genre is Jazz, I sing almost everyday to practice my breath control and intonation.



    Re: Can you sing?

    I'm not a good singer, but I sure like to try! My favorite place to sing is in the car because I'm usually by myself so there is no one to critique my vocals. :)