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    Do you love college?

    created by bIceberg 399 days 2 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Do you love college?

    How do you feel about college? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you wish it would never end or can you not wait to graduate?

    How about your major? Are you happy with your choice or do you wish you could change it?

    I personally loved college so much. I majored in fine art and the art studios were to die for. Now I only dream about some of those tools I had access to that I could never afford now. Also, now I have to work so much that I hardly have time to make art. When I was in school, it was my job to make art and be creative all day every day. I was in college for 7 years and I wish I still was.


    Re: Do you love college?

    Hey Iceberg!

    I do ultimately love college! It can be hard sometimes, but it's where I want to be right now.

    I love my major more than anything! I'm in school for fine art too!

    I'm sorry you're not making much art anymore, hopefully you can get back in the game eventually!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Do you love college?

    I love college! I wish it would never end because I love learning. I am super happy with my major of Psychology and I love every minute of studying it. I think going to school full time is great because then you are doing something that you want to be doing all day instead of being stuck in an office. I am sad that I have graduated now, I miss the college environment and being around other Psychology majors.

    Re: Do you love college?


    To be honest I don't like it anymore. I was so excited up until the initial school i attended lost the nursing programs accreditation and I had to transfer and lost my scholarships. Then after i transfered they closed down the entire school of the college i transfered to which had me not liking colloge at all and i felt lost and hopeless. The i transfered again and now i am at the 3rd college and can't wait to graduate. Because of all these bad things that happen i just want to get done and get my degree. I hate being in school. Nursing is a wonderful feild if u love helping others in need and that is why i chose to become a nurse. I love helping everyone. But i really want to finish as quickly as possible. Also nursing school is killing me. Haha just putting it out there i am so stressed but i wouldn't want to be anything else.

    Re: Do you love college?

    Hey Iceberg!

    Oh goodness. I absolutely love college.

    I love college because I can do what I want. There are no serious responsibilities and I don’t have a strict schedule. I don’t have anyone watching over me and I enjoy the freedom.

    I also like it because everyone here is my age and in the same stage in life. Its easy to connect with people this way and make lifelong friendships.

    I’m in my senior year and a bit sad but at the same time excited for whats ahead.

    Have a good Friday!