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    Events That Brought You Joy When You Were Young?

    created by Famu 399 days 2 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Events That Brought You Joy When You Were Young?

    Hey Cnet Family,
    Happy Friday!. What brought you joy when you were young? Oh! the joy of childhood and sense of fun. Have you ever explored your lovely memories and recalled your childhood moments of joy. Can you share them?. Well, I visited my inner child(lol) and traveled back in time to the following memories:

    Playing pretend and having a Tea Party with my Dad siting at my small table eating cookies and drinking tea for hours.

    Indulging in a favorite treat. My paternal Grandmother who lived in South Carolina, when I would visit during the summer always would pick fresh blueberries to make me a blueberry pie. Once the pie was done, my grandmother and I would sit at the table laughing, eating pie and ice cream (it was our special moment). Now whenever I see a blueberry pie I think of those moments and smile.

    While in sixth grade, I created a large giraffe out of paper mache for a project in Art class. To my amazement it was selected and featured in an Art Exhibit . My family was provided tickets to the event as well as dinner. I was happy and thrilled at the attention over my project of a box, lots of paper and paste(lol).
    Let me hear about your joyful moments!

    Re: Events That Brought You Joy When You Were Young?

    Most of my favorite childhood memories occurred at the lake house my aunt and uncle would rent up in Maine. All of my cousins would be there and we'd spend the day splashing around in the sunshine, joking, seeing who could make the biggest splash, and building campfires. We haven't had the lake house in a few years and so the family get-togethers have basically been limited to weddings but I'll never forget the memories from those years and the stories will always bring a smile to my face.

    Re: Events That Brought You Joy When You Were Young?

    Sweet forum, childhood memories are so dear. Ah back when we were innocent and care free. Those were the days.

    I have a lot of great memories, but my favorite are being in the garden with my mom. We had sunflowers that were 6 feet tall! We had carrots and beets in the ground and all sorts of greens.

    My sister and I loved running around in the mud. One of our chores was to turn the composting worm farm, throw newspaper in it, and water it down. My moms pretty awesome.

    My dad would drive around and quiz me on all the plants and fauna that he knew (which was basically everything) and I thought it was kind of annoying at the time, but now I'm thinking "Why wasn't I listening more!" I could really use all that information. So sometimes I call him to ask him plant questions.

    I think I like these memories best because they were part of the foundation for who I am now. I love gardening, getting my hands dirty, and learning about plants. I didn't do it for a long time throughout high school and college, but it when I went back to it, it felt like second nature.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Re: Events That Brought You Joy When You Were Young?

    Hi, some of my favorite memories were when I was little and we pretended to build castles and forts at the beach. We also liked to get sticks and pretend to hunt or sword fight. We could spend hours down by our creek in the brush pretending to hide or hunt each other.

    - W

    Re: Events That Brought You Joy When You Were Young?

    Hey famu

    Almost all of my joyous childhood memories were times spent with my uncles whom are 10 and 11 years older than me. I enjoyed going to football, track, and band practice with them. I enjoyed playing outdoors while they did flips and through the football from one block to the next. I enjoyed being picked with for fun. I enjoyed every moment spent with my uncles. Unlike most teenagers, they never seemed to be bothered by a little girl always being in their space. And I rarely remember them ever being mad at me. It was like I did no wrong. I was their little princess.