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    What Attracted You To Select Your School?

    created by Paige Priddy 399 days 6 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What Attracted You To Select Your School?

    Hello, CNet!

    I was attracted to the school I selected because it was my mom's Alma mater and it is a sister school to the university that I ultimately want to attend for medical school. I also like the fact that the student to professor ratio is a lot smaller than some of the larger universities, so it will give me a chance to have a lot more options to have one on one time with a professor.

    What attracted you to select your school?

    Enjoy your day!

    Re: What Attracted You To Select Your School?

    Hi Paige,

    Those are great reasons to have chosen your school.

    I chose my undergrad based on the major I wanted to go into, the location of the school, and the size of the classes.

    I chose my school for my graduate degree based on location, cost, and availability of in class and online classes so I could complete my MBA while working full time.

    Thank you!

    Re: What Attracted You To Select Your School?

    Good morning, Paige!

    That's great that you found a school that fits in with your plan, and now you get to share that experience with your mom!

    I'm a first generation college student, my parents were supportive but they didn't really know how to lead me through the process. We weren't eligible for much financial aid and I knew I would be taking out loans, so one of my criteria was that the college had to be relatively affordable.

    When I discovered Utah State University I was amazed at the affordability and the more I delved into their programs and campus life the more I wanted to visit it in person. I pretty much knew this is where I would be going before the visit, but the on campus visit sealed the deal.

    The campus is gorgeous and the town is ranked one of the best college towns in the U.S.. It sits at the mouth of a canyon in a valley surrounded by a mountain range. It's no wonder that the draw for so many like me is the outdoors and country itself.

    It's also an outstanding school with a lot to offer academically, and like I mentioned, very affordable (relatively to other colleges I looked at).

    Unfortunately, university didn't pan out for me and I decided to attend a local technical college instead, but life at USU was great for the time being.

    Happy Friday!

    - Jessica

    Re: What Attracted You To Select Your School?

    Hello Paige!

    What made me decide what school I wanted to go was the size of the school and the price of it.

    Have a nice day.

    Re: What Attracted You To Select Your School?

    Hello Paige,

    What attracted me to the school I'm going to is the distance. It is 25 miles away from my home and since I don't like driving in snow it's going to be a long winter. But I'll get used to it. At least it isn't that far.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: What Attracted You To Select Your School?

    Hi Paige,

    It took me some time to truly appreciate my alma mater. At the time I chose it because it was more affordable and away from my city but still in the state so I wasn't too far from home. People told me it was a good but "boring" school. Wrong! It's an awesome school with people who work very hard and are involved on campus. It was there that I learned to do so many things and took chances that I don't regret. Last month I went to an alumni event and it was beyond awesome: now I understand why a good amount of the staff there are alumni.

    The school puts in a lot of effort to get current students and alumni involved. If I had listened to negative people, I would have missed out.

    Re: What Attracted You To Select Your School?


    What really attracted me to my school was the recognition but it also had my residential college. Not only does Michiganders recognize MSU, but so does most people in America and even around the world. It's a very large university- one of the biggest in the country. I'm very introverted but I thrive here. And the residential college allowed me to get more comfortable with the university. It's like I have a small college and huge one. Best of both worlds. Big 10