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    Could you live without…straws?

    created by JessicaZ. 399 days 6 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Could you live without…straws?

    Good morning!

    I recently read this article from the Washington Post by Darryl Fears titled: A Campaign to Eliminate Plastic Straws is Sucking in Thousands of Converts.

    In summary, straws are of the most littered items recovered by volunteers from beaches among bags, bottle caps, and cups. We hardly give it a second though when we pick up a straw for our beverage, yet its estimated that nearly half a billion straws are used every day by American’s. Straws then fill up landfills or end up in our oceans. The “Be Straw Free” movement encourages restaurants and establishments not to hand out straws unless a customer requests one, with the ultimate goal to be 100% straw free.

    The movement has experienced steady growth over the years but gained momentum after a video of a straw being extracted form a sea turtle’s nostril went viral and outraged viewers.

    What is your position on the straw free movement and similar conservation efforts? Are we doing enough? Do you think you could convert to being straw free?

    Personally, I would absolutely support a movement like this in my community. Working at a coffee shop I am constantly restocking straws and see the plastic that fills up our garbage’s. I would love to find an alternative to the lid and straw for drinks that are “on the go”.

    Looking forward to your responses, CNet :)

    - Jessica

    Re: Could you live without…straws?

    Hello Jessica, that's an interesting piece of information. I have no position in the straw free movement. I believe we are not doing enough. I don't use straws as much so I believe I could be straw free.

    Have a good day

    Re: Could you live without…straws?

    Hi Jessica,

    Huh, I never gave straws too much thought (shows how important they are). I don't use straws at home, come to think of it. The only time I use them is when I eat out since they're automatically given to me. Straws are nice, but not a necessity. I wouldn't feel any way if my city decided to stop using them. Less waste is certainly better. Plus, I've seen reusable straws so there's that too.

    Re: Could you live without…straws?

    I would absolutely be able to live without plastic straws, I would just sip off of the cup or use a paper straw. I don't think we are doing enough as it is, and I think that we should really focus on educating people further on the negative impacts of using plastic straws and cups. When i go to Starbucks, i wouldn't ordinarily use a straw, but i use it just because they gave it to me. Now i wonder how many other people would do the same if they weren't offered a straw in the first place? If people have to go out of their way to get a straw, then i guarantee that they will get unaccustomed to it.

    Re: Could you live without…straws?

    Yes! I support this movement completely.

    I use glass or copper straws, I have some at home and I keep one of each in my car for emergency smoothie drinking.

    I pretty much only use them for smoothies.

    I think they are quite unnecessary at bars though and could completely be done away with. While we're at it, lets get rid of plastic cups too. I also bring mason jars with me. Coffee shops and smoothie bars welcome them to put my beverages in.

    Plastic is so very horrible for the Earth, animals, plants, and us. Let's use it as little as possible.

    Re: Could you live without…straws?

    Hey Jessica!

    I can live without them. I'm really surprised at all that day I had no idea how many straws there were. They are definitely an accessory not a neccisity.