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    Do you like driving at night?

    created by NjBr 399 days 7 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you like driving at night?

    Hey everyone,

    Do you guys like to drive at night?

    I hate driving at night. Eapecially because I live in Nashville, TN and people can't drive here lol. At first when I started driving driving I was really scared to drive at night. I remember the first time I drove at night and I was by my self. It wasn't so bad but I just hated it. I was never really that excited about driving anyways. Idk what the big deal was. All my friends were so happy to be able to drive And I was like you are going to regret it one day and now they do hahah. They hate to drive now. Any ways what about you?


    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Hello, NjBr!

    I don't mind driving at night but if I am driving a long distance I would prefer to drive during the day. I feel like I can see hazards so much easier and further ahead during the day; therefore, making the drive less of a risk. Not only do you have to watch for other drivers and animals, but you have to watch for debris in the roadway which you often can't see until you get right on top of it at night, making it harder to miss hitting safely.

    Enjoy your day!

    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Hi NjBr,

    I do not like driving at night especially on the freeway. It's even worse if it's raining. The lights from oncoming traffic make it hard to see. If I'm just driving around town on roads I'm familiar that are well lit, then I don't mind driving at night.

    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Hello NjBr.

    I don't mind driving at night actually.

    Have a good day

    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Good morning NjBr,

    I definitely do not like driving at night especially when it's raining out that even makes it harder to drive at night. And then you get theses deers that like to hop the roads at night and scare the heck out of you. If I don't have to drive I won't. I work 2 blocks away from my house at night so that's not to bad.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    I wasn't looking forward to driving or anything when I got my license, but it did gave me a peace of mind knowing that if a situation comes up I would be able to take charge of the wheel.
    I also never enjoyed driving at night either, but that's pretty much what I do now everyday with this new daytime savings changes. I feel so blind driving at night I don't know why. The glares from the headlights reflecting on my glasses also doesn't help either! But it probably helped so far that I'm choosing to stick by the speed limit when driving at night lol, not that I don't already do that in daylight ehem.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    The only thing I don't like about driving at night is that there are so many cars on the road with those really bright white/bluish headlights. It hurts my eyes when I see them and the reflection in all my mirrors sometimes makes it difficult to see the road in front of me. Which usually results in me slowing down and that driver tailgating me for what seems like hours. I don't understand why people do that, when have you ever known anxious drivers to be good drivers?

    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Hey NjBr,

    I love driving at night!

    Matter of fact, it is one of my favorite things to do, to easy my mind. I like driving in the city around 2 am when there are no other cars on the road and you can see beautiful city lights in front of you. Good music makes it even better.

    Have a good day!


    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Hey NjBr!

    I must say that I don't really enjoy driving at night, mostly because my night vision is so bad! I have to wear my glasses when I drive at night, and the glare from the lights can really bother me sometimes. I obviously end up driving at night almost every day, but if I could choose to not have to I would! I live in Nashville too, and I completely agree with you that some people here cannot drive at all!!! I feel like the crazy people come out and drive at night!


    Re: Do you like driving at night?


    I do not driving at night. Not because I'm scared but because like others I have really bad vision and it gets worse in the night. If I have to focus too much it hurts my eyes. I do like riding at night time though with someone else driving.

    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Hey NjBr!

    I love night driving. I roll my windows down and play some jams or some soothing music and just cruise through town.


    Re: Do you like driving at night?

    Driving at night is not my favorite. It seems as though the older I have gotten my sight is definitely getting less dependable at night. I am more of an early morning kind of person being that it will get brighter as I am driving. I enjoy seeing the sun, clouds, or just the darn white lines on the road.

    Sticking to what I know now.

    Ms O