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    Do you sweat a lot?

    created by HoangryKH 341 days 19 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you sweat a lot?

    It’s halfway through the first plank series in barre class, and you’re sweating so much it looks like you just jumped in a pool—yet your friend is completely dry. Or maybe you're the type who can tear through a treadmill session and barely glisten. Either way, what gives?

    I sweat like crazy when I do any type of physical activity. Even walking makes me sweat a bunch, and it's even worse in the summertime!

    Are you the friend that stays completely dry? Or do you turn into a wet towel? Any ways to combat the SWEAT?!

    - Kyle

    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hi Kyle -

    I do find that my face and head get kind of sweaty when I've been running around, but the rest of my body doesn't really sweat a lot. I do get really red-faced with any activity though. It takes hours for it to really go away.

    Have a great one!

    - Kara

    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hi, well I am lucky so far in that I do not sweat too much. My brother on the other hand will work out and his entire outfit will be soaked and stinky. His clothes go immediately into the laundry to be washed. Even his socks will be damp. The same during a basketball game, some players will be soaking in sweat where they could shake off like a wet dog and others barely have a bit of sweat. Weird, huh?

    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hi Kyle,

    I totally understand your struggles. I sweat so much to the point where i look like i've been dripping water on my face when it's actually sweat. It's worst when it's hot and when the sun is up because i could be walking to the store near my house and be sweating like crazy. I would be so embarrassed by that problem when i'm out in public because my underarms would look really wet and noticeable but i thank God that i found a way to cure that wet underarm problem by using "Certain dri" (a medicated Antiperspirant deodorant). You could get it online at or amazon. I also so from sweaty face and worst of all, sweaty scalp which produces a horrible smell in my hair. I haven't found any solutions for the sweaty face or scalp but i'm still determined to treat these problems because they have affected my self-confidence in the past but i won't let them affect me anymore. Thank you so much for this forum and best wishes.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hi all!

    I personally don't sweat that much but my sister has this problem! She sweats just walking around campus and she can be pretty self-conscious about it. I colder her about the deodorant that was suggested (thanks Unique_girl17) and she seemed really excited about it! I hope it works for her!

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hey Kyle!

    I feel man, I honestly perspire standing. Just pools of sweat on the armpits of my shirts. It's so embarrassing. I started to use this thing my doctor prescribed me, it's called Drysol. It's this liquid deodorant you put on every other night and it honestly kills the sweat. It works incredibly. Occasionally, I will catch a small pit stain but it's usually when I am dancing/working out for a while so it would make sense to have sweat. But when I'm jut walking to class I won't get sweat stains. So if you're dying of sweat I'd really recommend bringing up Drysol to your doctor and getting a prescription cause it works magic.


    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hi Kyle,

    Unfortunately, I am one of the people who sweats a lot. I sweat from just about any movement, even walking across campus makes me sweat. In high school I was in incredible shape for a couple years and that definitely helped me sweat less, but it was still more than other people would sweat. I found out that using normal deodorant instead of antiperspirant helps with the sweat too, oddly enough.

    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Walking across the campus used to make me sweat, I think I have increased my physical activity so I don't sweat as much as I used to. I do sweat randomly, even when its cold I would sweat!


    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hey Kyle,

    It looks like we have a bunch of sweaters on Cnet, me included! Just last night I put deodorant on when I was walking into the room to fall asleep. My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy and all I could say to him was “what? I sweat a lot in my sleep.”

    I was really self conscious about my sweat pits growing up and for that reason I didn’t wear a lot of grey. Now iv just embraced the sweat...When I’m drenched at the gym, work, and at home. Cotton has become my best friend. Try and stay away from polyester because it doesn’t breathe as well!

    All the best to my sweaty friends,

    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Oh gosh, I am totally a sweater. Always have been, always will. In high school I would have to bring an extra T-shirt to volleyball practice and would have to change halfway through. I hoped this would be something I would eventually grow out of, but ten years later and I still sweat like a man. I moved to the south a few years ago from Michigan, and boy was I not prepared for that humidity. I can be outside in Nashville for 10 seconds and I'm already having back sweat. My old coworker used to call me "swampa" as a joke because I would go walking on my lunch and would get such bad swamp ass. I also kick box, and after a class there is literally a pool of sweat around my bag. I used to be a little self conscious about it when I was younger, but now I just sweat away babayyy!


    Re: Do you sweat a lot?

    Hi there!

    I am definitely a sweater, it is so unfortunate. It's funny because my dad sweats as soon as you light a candle in the room, but my mom on the other hand doesn't really sweat. At work I try not to move around and work too hard or else I will be stinky all shift. I hate that we have to sweat!