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    created by Erinelizabeth 346 days 5 hours 14 minutes ago

    Category: World


    Hey Cnet!

    Hope you all had a great hump day. While I was waiting for my flight, I stopped and got my first pumpkin spice latte. I love fall and think this weekend I will be getting out my decorations and buying pumpkins!

    Are you excited for fall and all that comes with it? Do you buy pumpkins? Carve them? Eat the seeds?

    All the best

    Re: Fall!

    Hey Erin!

    Honestly, Autumn is probably my favorite season. I really like the whole aesthetic, and I also just like the word "Autumn" a lot. I'm a big fan of cold weather as it allows me to wear layers (which my sense of style is geared towards), but I prefer fall over winter since winter always makes me kinda sad for whatever reason.

    I always buy and carve a pumpkin, as Halloween is my favorite holiday. Plus, it's just a fun thing to do!

    All the best,

    Re: Fall!

    Hello Erin!

    I am SO EXCITED FOR FALL. It's been so hot and humid here in Georgia so I'm definitely ready for that cool, Fall weather to hit. It's supposed to be 70 degrees next week, which I'm looking forward to so much. I don't typically buy pumpkins because I don't really have the time to do anything with them, but this year, my friends and I wanna get together for a pumpkin carving night!

    - Kyle

    Re: Fall!

    hey Erine!

    Of course I am excited! I need to buy some pumpkin spice latte since I hear that it is really delicious and I have never tried it. I actually was super excited early this week because I decorated the classroom door "fall theme"....the teacher loved it so much you should have seen her reaction. It reminded me of when cinderella was surprised with her dress made by the mice.

    I can't wait to decorate my apartment because I am cordinating a party with friends and family. I look forward to seeing leaves fall and cooler weather.

    I have not carved a pumpkin in years haha I should for my sister's birthday this month.

    Peace and Love


    Re: Fall!

    Hi Erin,

    I love this time of year. Fall is my favorite season. After a hot summer, I look forward to cooler weather and gloomy days where I just stay cozy inside. I absolutely suck at carving pumpkins, but I do get them for my boys and let them make a mess with them. Sometimes I will roast the seeds. They're so dang messy though, so I will buy canned pumpkin for making muffins and bread. I'm about ready for an egg nog latte.

    Re: Fall!

    Hi, Erin!

    The aspect of fall that I like is the fashion. I love sweaters, scarfs and boots. Yesterday, was the first day I got to pull out a sweater and didn't look crazy for wearing it because it was chilly yesterday. I am not big on the pumpkin spice flavor that seems to have hit most major products for the season.

    Enjoy your day!