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    Food poisoning?

    created by OSilentNightOwl 342 days 7 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Food poisoning?

    Hey everybody,

    I think I got food poisoning, and let me tell you, it hasn't been pleasant. I'll spare you the details, but after spending as much time in the bathroom as I have today, I'm just completely spent and done. Unfortunately, I still have work to get done and collegenet to do, so it's just a simple question for today.

    Have you ever gotten food poisoning? How did you deal with it? What are some tips for getting through and staying productive during it?

    All the best,

    Re: Food poisoning?

    Hey Matt!

    I have never had food poisoning (luckily). I wish I had better tips for you but for sure drink as much water as you can and when you need to eat stick to things like rice and applesauce that are easy to digest.

    I hope you feel better asap!

    - Anna

    Re: Food poisoning?

    Hey Matt!

    The first time I've gotten food poisoning was the worst. I remember it very clearly. There was this croissant leftover from some event at my uncle's house, and I was feeling a bit hungry so I started to munch on it. The first bite wasn't the soft, delicate pastry you'd expect... it was hard and crumbly, but I still ate the croissant anyway because it tasted good.

    My stomach wasn't exactly in agreement with me after the consumption of the buttery bread, and it ended up back out both ends. I got a lot of sleep, took some meds, and drank lots of water.

    - Kyle

    Re: Food poisoning?

    hey Matt!

    That sucks! I have experienced this before. About two years family decided to go to Denny's to eat breakfast during dinner, we were craving breakfast....So we all pretty much ordered the plain eggs, pancakes, sausages, and potatoe.

    So the following day I started pucking like crazy! I cannot believe how many times I pucked, so I called my dad and my brother. Guess what they had it too!!!! It took about two days for me to recover from food poisoning. I couldn't go to school because I couldn't control it.

    I drank a lot of tea...You definitely need a lot of rest. I would just rest for an hour then do some work and then rest again. This is what worked for me.

    Feel better

    Peace and Love


    Re: Food poisoning?

    Hi Matt,

    I'm sorry--that is an awful feeling! I have only had one experience with food poisoning from deli ham at the grocery store. Fortunately, I did not feel bad for too long. After a few episodes of it coming up, I felt much better and was just fine the next day. I don't know if there are any special tricks to ease it or if it just needs to work its way out. You should try to drink fluids to prevent dehydration if you can hold it down. When I'm feeling sick like that, not necessarily from food poisoning, I just want to eat plain bread or saltine crackers--that seems to calm my stomach. If you're not starting to feel better soon after all you've went through, you might want to go to a doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    Re: Food poisoning?

    Hi, OSilentNightOwl!

    I have experienced food poisoning one time in my life and that was one time to many. I am sorry you had to experience it as it is the worse and I hope you feel better.


    Re: Food poisoning?

    I think I did one time, I don't remember. I remember getting super sick and pretty much puking until my throat was raw. My mother encouraged to push the fluid and eat super light (if you can even eat at all), and a trip to the doctor's office isn't going to hurt, just in case. Hope you feel better!

    Re: Food poisoning?

    Hi Matt!

    Im so sorry!! I know how you feel.
    Yes, I have and it sucks! My kids and I were both sick and I felt so bad that I couldn't help them because I was stuck in the restroom. It was horrible and I am now traumatized.

    We used to go to a hamburger place near me called Eazy Take Out Burgers and it was the best, they changed owners, but I was hoping it would be the same. It was not!! I will never go to Yogi's burger again!!!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Food poisoning?

    Hi Matt,

    I actually used to get stomach poisoning quite often, I guess I did not eat the freshest foods. One that I can still remember was due to apples. Honestly, I think it is very difficult to try to be productive since your stomach is constantly hurting and you don't know when the next batch will come up. I always dealt with it by staying in bed the whole day and eating porridge.

    Get well soon!