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    How do you feel about swearing?

    created by Ratio 282 days 20 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How do you feel about swearing?

    Hi everyone,

    How do you feel about swearing? Are you fine with it or does it bother you? Do you swear? Do you only swear around certain people?

    I am not really too fond of swearing, but that is just my personal opinion. I don't ask anyone not to swear around me and I don't make a big deal of it either. The only person that I don't want to swear is my girlfriend, but that is because I want us to have very similar morals for... future stuff.

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    Hey Ratio,

    Thanks for the question.

    I am similar to you when it comes to swearing. I am not fond of it. Its just that I didn't grew up in a setting where any one swore. Also personally I do alot of public speaking and I don't want me to just blur out swearing when I get nervous on stage. I didn't want swearing to be part of my speech routine.

    However I aways had friends who swore here and there, especially when they get so angry. On a normal basis I do not tell any one to stop swearing. But if my best friend or my wife swears heavily (on a frequent basis) then I might just have a conversation with them.

    Thanks alot for this forum.

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    Hey Ratio,

    Well I am a swearer and honestly sometimes I wish I could find other things to say instead. I like how exaggerated the words make everything feel when I'm upset which causes me to do it more. I've been trying my best to not swear as much, but lately it's been really hard. I know in the future I will have to work on it when we plan on having kids, but right now I'm just trying to figure out who I am. I used to be very against swearing, but honestly sometimes the only words that can make sense of a situation for me are swear words.

    Have a great day!

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?


    I think swearing is a bad habit that no one should start, but I swear pretty often. I try to keep it in check to be professional and a good family member, but it can be hard.

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    I don't have any issue with it and I actually get a little annoyed when people apologize for swearing as though it would offend me for some reason.

    I am pretty good at controlling when and where I do swear to make sure it does not get me in any unnecessary trouble. In fact, many people are often quite shocked the first time they hear me swear.

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    I appreciate your post, Ratio. I would say that I am similar to you -- I don't swear, and I don't like it, but I don't ask other people not to swear. When people do it in the workplace or teachers do it in the classroom, I find it unprofessional. While I would never criticize anyone for doing it, I appreciate it when others have the self-control to present themselves in a professional manner in a professional setting. In personal life, of course, people can do whatever they want.

    Have a good day!

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    I definitely hear you on this one. If I had a partner I would hope that they don't resort to swearing all the time as well, just because I don't want him to have that mindset that swearing is just the common everyday language, and then pass that onto our kids. I'm not hugely against swearing either, but it does get on my nerve sometimes when people are throwing it around so easily, or using it every other word in their sentences. Sometimes swearing kind of eases up the atmosphere and create a sense of humor, I got to admit, but it really depends on the circumstances, how much swearing was involved, and the target of the swear words. Sometimes I use swear words as well so it's kind of hypocritical to say that I'm not too fond of swearing, but I only drop like the S bomb or something when it slips my tongue lol, during my moment of frustration. But I usually have myself under control, mostly..

    Thanks for the topic, have a good one!

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    Hello Ratio,

    I don't like swearing either. That doesn't go to say I don't swear myself, but it is something I am trying to work on. I know my parents - especially my mom - doesn't like it when I swear. I think it is both respectful and professional to filter what it is that comes out of your mouth. When I was younger, it used to bother me when other people swear, but nowadays, I don't really mind all that much. Blasphemy is a bit more of an issue to me, and I find it to be a direct offence to God. I know most people who use such words don't really hold any significance to it, but I wish just wish they would say something else.

    Thanks for the discussion,


    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    Hi Ratio,

    I spent some of my growing years abroad and got used to using proper language or speech everyday. I get that many a people would like to converse freely without restraint but I think it's not a healthy culture using swear words constantly. I know people who can't make a complete sentence without using the F word and it amazes me. I guess it's largely a product of our environments and how we shape our values around them.

    So I have used swear words a number of times when I'm either repeating what someone else said or just trying to fit in with a group discussion, but I always feel bad somewhat about it and I try my best to avoid it. Honestly, I don't like swearing nor relating constantly with anyone who makes it a habbit.

    Thanks for reading.


    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    I found this topic interesting because I am personally a "swearer", but the ironic part is I don't like hearing cussing. So, maybe this is something I should consider working on.

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    Swearing is only swearing because we give these words special meaning. Without the weight people attach to them, they are words like any other. I feel my personal opinion is trumped by the world's opinion. N.W.A. would never have gotten where they did if it were not for American public view trying to stifle their message. In fact, the American "morals" around this issue were ammo for artists like Eminem and N.W.A. their popularity speaks for itself, using it to show the hypocrisy of these "moral" beings.

    My personal opinion, I don't like a lot of things I see and hear. That does not give me liberty to stop them. I am a former Marine, and a fine dining chef. We all curse there, and cursing is the least of the vocal content issues in those two atmospheres. Personally, if you're life is so together you have the time/energy to stop a four letter word from coming out of my mouth, we have nothing in common, and therefore can politely stick those morals where they belong. I don't require people to live by my morals, so fuck you for attempting to make me live by yours. Not sure if cursing is ok on this site but given the topic, fuck it lol. They can flag me.

    To those who dislike cursing I encourage you to ask why. It's no different than the us dollar. Only having as much value as we attach to it. Who cares if a 10 yr old says kiss my ass, or kiss my behind. Fuck it or forget it. It means the exact same thing. Cack, is a Latin curse word meaning to generally state displeasure towards something. Would you be offended if "cracked" your child before reading this? Probably not as you would not know it was a curse word holding a greater weight than fuck comparitivley speaking in our respective cultures.

    In conclusion, find a useful value that will actually benefit a child as opposed to pandering to a society that will not reciprocate anyway. I challenge someone to a battle of wits and strategy or even word play who says my cursing is a sign of my inferior intelligence.

    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    Hey Ratio!

    I don't swear too much. When I hear others swear it sounds a little cringy. I try not to, but I must admit I have a little bit of road rage and that's when my choice of words aren't too nice.

    Have a great night!


    Re: How do you feel about swearing?

    Most days, I curse like a sailor and since I work in bars and on loading docks, there is no possible combination of curse words, vulgarities and snarls that bother me. But oddly enough, I won't swear around people unless I already know they are comfortable with it. So most of my swearing is to myself and because I have relatives that might read this, I won't provide examples here. I've heard that swearing is a way to endure pain and since much of my life is painful, I avail myself of most opportunities to relieve myself. If my wife is around, the most I can say is "WHAT THE?! ... um never mind. That's just not satisfying.