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    Agree or disagree?

    created by nursemariep 283 days 8 hours 47 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Agree or disagree?

    Morning everyone. Today my post will be short and sweet.

    "I am not a product of my circumstance. I am a product of my decisions."

    Agree or disagree?

    Im a bit short on time this morning (that cozy bed caught me a little longer than it should have!) but I will type more about my thoughts tonight.

    I hope each of you have a fantastic day, while you're out there getting to where you're going to!


    Re: Agree or disagree?

    Marie! Pretty deep question you have for us this morning! This really has me thinking.

    "I am not a product of my circumstance. I am a product of my decisions."

    If I look at the big events of my life, and compare them with the big decisions of my life, I feel like the circumstances win. Some of the things that contributed most highly to who I am are why my parents were, the fact that they divorced, where we lived when I was growing up, and the fact that they brought me to church every Sunday.

    I fully agree that my decisions play a large role. For example, I chose my husband, and chose to get married. I chose to be a nurse, and I chose to nurse overseas. However, the big choices I made happened later in life and the formative years created this "product" more than the later decisions did.

    Really great question; made me think a lot. I hope you have a great day in spite of your late start. Good luck today in the election!

    Re: Agree or disagree?


    This one hits home for me!

    I agree 100%. I had a very rough childhood. My parents had their own issues which I was unfortunately sometimes was affected by. I was not given anything, I was not handed a golden spoon as they say. I've worked for everything that I have in life. I earned all of my accomplishments and was never given anything. When an opportunity to improve my life came along, I jumped on it. I am very thankful for my education and the people who cheer me along the way. I chose to improve my life. I chose to make the decision to not get left behind and miss out on accomplishing what I wanted in life. I wanted to be a teacher, I went to school and worked very hard to accomplish this goal. I am currently going to school for my masters to hopefully become a principal one day. That is my ultimate goal and I feel that because of decisions that I've made in life, I will be able to successfully accomplish this. I was not dealt fair circumstances in life, but I feel that since I've decided to improve upon that, that my life will be guided by those decisions.

    Thanks so much for this forum!! Have a great day!!!

    Re: Agree or disagree?

    Hi all,

    I think it's somewhere in the middle. I feel my circumstance creates the background upon which I can have the wherewithall to make my decisions. Sometimes though it's more about my decisions than my circumstance(s), but in the larger scheme of things, I think once I've got the right circumstance, then it's more a question of my decisions from then on.

    So in brief I'm a product of circumstance which provide the basis for me to become a product of my decisions. I hope I managed to make some sense.

    Anyways thanks for the forum and for reading mine.



    Re: Agree or disagree?

    Hi Marie,

    I agree 80%! I think both and here's why:

    I definitely agree because although we can't choose our circumstances, we have power over how we choose to deal with it. I have some really awful days that I can't describe. I don't have a bad life, so I don't know what triggers these episodes. However, whenever I'm feeling this way, I have a reminder notebook that reminds me to take a walk in the neighborhood or workout. I made a choice at my best so that I could make a difference for myself at my worst. It doesn't always work, but I created a way to deal with these situations.

    In this way, I become a product of my decisions, yet only through my circumstances.

    What I mean by this is that yes, I am a product of my decisions, yet I wouldn't have made these powerful decisions if these circumstances didn't come up in the first place. How could I measure how strong I am, and how much weight my decisions have over my life, if these mountainous circumstances didn't come up to challenge me? In this small, twisty way, our we are a product of our circumstances. Yet it is ultimately our decision in the face of these circumstances that show who we are.

    If this answer is okay, we are both a product of our circumstances AND decisions!



    Re: Agree or disagree?

    Good Morning,

    Yes, I agree!! I am definitely a product of my decisions. I choose to be the best me for me. I know my decisions will create a better life for me and I refuse to give up or settle like those before me. The lack of motivation and bad choices my parents made motivates me to want more in life and create a better living environment for my children. My children inspire me to want to do great things. I want to provide and show them the possibilities that are out there and allow them to not have to stress over money and just focus on their dreams.

    Great question! Have an amazing day!


    Re: Agree or disagree?

    This is a really cool question; I had a lot of fun thinking about it. I will say I agree, but only with qualifications, because I can definitely say that my family and my upbringing, as well as my family's financial circumstances and location has affected who I am and why I think the way I do. That being said, the person I am right now, and the person I will be in the future is dependent on my decisions. I can choose to make my life better; I can choose how I react to the events that life throws my way, both good and bad; I can choose what my mindset will be as I go into the future. If I had made different decisions along my path, I think I would be a different person, because some of the decisions I made, albeit seemingly trivial, have greatly affected my position and worldview today.

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: Agree or disagree?

    Quotes like this are the worst.

    It's incorrectly absolute to say your life is wholly decision and not circumstance. Life is too queer to exist in a binary like this one (along with other unsound, morally bankrupt binaries).

    I feel like simply mentioning circumstance (even to negate it) hints at its importance. It's a kind of ironic process theory (when trying to suppress certain thoughts actually makes those thoughts more salient [Don't think about elephants. What are you thinking about rn? Chances are it's elephants]). So even in mentioning circumstance just to downplay it, I'm already thinking more about circumstance.

    But it goes beyond ironic process theory because I'm not just thinking about circumstance more: I'm realizing how inescapable it is and how wrong the quote is.

    It's also worth queering that circumstance, decision, and even the notion of produced self in this quote are completely separate things that exist in and of themselves.

    If we define circumstances as things exterior to us and, to an extent, things outside of our control then aren't our circumstances also a product of our decisions? My circumstance (my environment) is life in Chicago because I chose to live in Chicago.

    If we define decision as volitional actions, then aren't our decisions also informed by our circumstance? I decided to live in Chicago and in a neighborhood with lower rent because my friends are in Chicago and because I'm poor.

    Circumstance and decision refuse to separate. The quote, however, depends on their separation. The quote is also premised on a self that is both rational AND discrete from the environment--and we are neither.

    Most importantly, I hate quotes like this because they can be gaslighting, abusive and oppressive. It's fair to say that white supremacy, cis-hetero-patriarchy, capitalism and ableism are circumstances that are generally unsolicited and uncontrollable to the people subjugated by them. If you tell people that they are wholly their decisions, then you burden them with DECIDING their way out of racism, sexism etc. Oppressed people are definitely have agency but to imply that it's up to them to WILL themselves out of circumstances that dominate them (and even limit their decision-making) is to actually perpetuate their oppression.

    tl;dr: this quote is a product of western thinking unsoundly premised on a rational self self separate from circumstance. At best, it's thought-provoking; at worst, it's oppressive.

    Re: Agree or disagree?

    Hi all!

    I don't necessarily agree with this statement. Despite all of the choices I've made and all the progress I have made to get here, there are still some circumstances I cannot seem to escape. No matter how hard I try some things cannot be escaped. My family's lessons that they have passed on to me as well as their financial circumstances have definitely impacted where I am today.

    I also somewhat agree with this statement as my decisions have brought me to where I am. I was obviously greatly influenced by my family but it was my choice to choose the classes and school and schedule that I took.

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: Agree or disagree?

    I agree with that for the most part. Focusing on myself, my decisions in life are to move me away from the circumstances around me. I grew up in the poverty line, and near homeless. I pursued a higher education because I wanted to move away from the circumstance. Yes, my circumstance was the motivation, but I chose to move on. Many people stay in those circumstances and let it define them as a person. In general, I believe the goal of life is to be happy doing whatever you want. Hence why I study history and not business or a STEM program. I'm not in it for the money, but the happiness. It's whoever's decision.

    Re: Agree or disagree?

    Evening everyone.

    What a long day it has been! It didn't go as planned. Despite my decisions today, circumstance caused me to be a product of my environment!

    My patient I had a patient scheduled for one thing and decided to set up exactly what I thought would be needed to do the planned procedure, but he ended up coming in for something completely different and much more complex than originally planned. Circumstance had changed and it did not matter what I decided, I couldn't do anything about how it turned out because of his circumstance!

    Thankfully all turned out well for him (and therefore me as well) but I found it ironic that I had saw that quote this morning, made a post about it and then it slapped my opinion on the subject square in the face!

    Haha. I guess what I think is that yes, sometimes I am a product of my decisions, but sometimes circumstance overrides any decision I could make and i'm just stuck with what i'm given.

    Thank you all so much for your comments and responses. I really enjoy getting to see other peoples thoughts and opinions. Its a great way for us all to expand our own horizon's by learning from others points of views.