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    Fill in the _______________

    created by NjBr 283 days 10 hours 32 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Fill in the _______________

    Happy Election Day CNet! & Good luck for today!!

    Fill in the Blank!

    Never ask a woman her Age, A man his Salary, And a Student His/Her__________________.

    Have an Awesome Day!!

    Re: Fill in the _______________

    composite ACT score or unweighted GPA!

    Re: Fill in the _______________


    Re: Fill in the _______________


    Never ask a student their GPA!

    Have a great day!!

    Re: Fill in the _______________

    How much cash he got on him HAHAAA. Cause I certainly never have any on me. and if I do, it's gone within a couple days.

    Re: Fill in the _______________


    I never like sharing my grades with other people. I feel like when I share grade with my classmates it ends up in some sort of a competition or causing some hurt feelings, whether it be on their part or my part. I don't like to talk about my grades with my parents either lol, because you probably clearly know why, I'm not exactly the best student in class haha. But yeah, grade is something I much rather keep to myself, at least until the end of the semester when it's all finalized and if it's decent then I can make it a reason to celebrate!

    Thanks, have a good one!

    Re: Fill in the _______________


    My college loans give me anxiety occasionally. Yet, I'm still going to go to grad school!