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    Profile Pictures

    created by courtcong 283 days 21 hours 29 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Profile Pictures

    Many of us have interesting profile pictures on here. I've wondered why did you choose your profile picture? What was going on in this picture? And do other peoples' profile pictures influence your vote for them?

    My current profile picture is a selfie that I took a few months ago. It was the first day that I had moved to Columbus and I was just really excited about the huge change in my life and had to document the day xD

    Now, I don't know if it's coincidence, or if the profile pictures really influence votes - but I feel I've been doing better in the election since I changed my picture from the gray box. So it got me wondering:

    Do profile pictures influence who you vote for? And what is the story behind yours?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Re: Profile Pictures

    Hey Court,

    I used to notice that my profile picture would get votes for a while after I changed it. I think having one that has a face honestly just gives us a better understanding of who we're talking to more than anything. I chose my picture honestly because it's one of the only pictures that I have of myself that I actually like. I can be a little harsh on myself sometimes and that picture just makes me happy when I look at it. It was taken in my senior picture session when I was graduating high school.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Profile Pictures

    I really like how people can choose how they want to portray themselves on here! For me, I chose a picture that shows what I look like everyday- I am only wearing mascara, my hair was air dried by going to bed with it wet, I'm wearing a is completely "me." When I first got on cNet I went through a bunch of pictures trying to decide which one I wanted to represent myself with. Not even necessarily pictures of me but of things I like, or images I find to be cool. It came down to a picture of me at my friend's wedding, all dolled up and wearing an ungodly amount of make up, which yes I did look nice but it wasn't very realistic... or the ordinary picture of me that I chose to go with. I think what I like about this site is that, yes it gives you a small box to represent yourself any way you want on here, but more importantly your words become your most defining feature on here. Some of my favorite people on here with beautiful posts and brilliant minds don't have a picture showing their actual face. I like that in a world so focused on looks and trying to please others, cNet can be whatever I want to make it to be :)


    Re: Profile Pictures

    Hi Courtcong!

    I chose my profile picture because I wanted something that showed my face, and I didn't have any selfies available! I appreciate when others have a profile picture on Cnet. It's a combination of helping me remember them, and making me feel like I can trust them.

    There are several CNetters with no profile picture who I tend to vote for, but even then, I have to double check I'm voting for the right person and not getting confused with another candidate. And I truly want to see what they would choose to represent themselves! Even if it's not a photo of their face, I like associating their writing with their "symbol".

    Great question! Thanks for reading mine.

    Re: Profile Pictures

    That's a really good point! It does let us get to know one another and it physically puts a face to who we're talking to. Because lets me honest, I talk to you guys more than I talk to alot of my friends haha It's really interesting hearing the background behind everyones pictures.

    Thanks for joining in the convo (:

    Re: Profile Pictures

    I'm just too lazy to change mine..


    Re: Profile Pictures


    That is so interesting! And this is a very interesting thought as well! I have never thought about whether profile pics help you get more or less votes.

    My picture is of me two years ago before an Orioles/Marlins game down in Miami. I'm from Baltimore and I love the Orioles. I made a sign before the game that said "Here to go Fishin!" And it was the Oriole bird putting a spear through the Marlin. My boyfriend on I got on Tv holding the sign and u have a picture of that too. It was a cool experience and one day I want to go to as many different ball parks as I can, hopefully seeing the Orioles there! So far the only away games I've seen are in Miami and in DC at the Nationals.


    Re: Profile Pictures

    As I write this, my profile picture is currently a picture of House Targaryen from Game of Thrones because I was binge watching Game of Thrones when I first signed up for this website and it seemed like a good idea at the time lol. But now I'm worried the reason I don't get much votes is because it's not a picture of my face so by the time yo finish reading this I will have probably changed it XD.

    Re: Profile Pictures

    My profile picture is from the last time I saw my significant other because we go to college in different states. I only see him when there is a hurricane or a large holiday.

    Typically I don't care about the profile picture, I am more swayed for people who haven't won anything yet.

    Re: Profile Pictures


    Usually, my profile pictures have more than just me in it. I don't always like my profile picture to just be me for some reason.

    Other people's profile pictures don't really influence whether or not I vote for them but they do help me associate a profile with their personality. So, I think it is a good idea for people to have profile pictures. It truly helps with association and helps people remember them.

    Re: Profile Pictures

    I started with a different photo of me - one without my glasses and it was a professional promo pic from my days when I was a singer/musician. But I felt like my photo didn't look like the real me, so I recently changed it to my usual look - dorky bangs, glasses, auburn hair. That's me!