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    Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    created by HoangryKH 284 days 1 hour 22 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    How do you feel? Tired? Happy? Sad? Frustrated? Nervous?

    Right now I'm feeling pretty studious, but a bit stressed because I have a lot of assignments due tomorrow, but I'm working on them right now.

    - Kyle

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!


    I'm with you...kinda stressed with studies and still trying to work as much as I can.

    Good luck!

    Katie :)

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!


    Overwhelmed with schoolwork also, but ok!


    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Hey Kyle,

    Right now I'm feeling frustrated more than anything. I came home and forgot that I had set up my code so I just needed to move the values over and I accidentally deleted them so now I have to run the code all over again. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the code didn't take almost two hours to run all the way. Luckily it's not due until tomorrow, but I'm really frustrated that I won't have it completely done when I was wanting to. Some days just don't always go as you plan!

    Have a great day!

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Hey Kyle,

    To be honest, I feel exhausted and sleepy. I had a very long day and another long awaits me. From the study end I have tons of readings to complete for tomorrow and I don't think I will be able to complete them all. So I feel a bit upset as well.

    Thanks for this reflective question!


    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Hi guys,

    I really feel "loaded" with tonnes of homework assignments. I know I have to do them but it's heaping a great deal of stress. I guess I'll use time management skills to get through this and a firm resolve to get things done ASAP.

    Other than that I mostly feel fortunate to be doing okay today and thank God Almighty for it.

    Thanks for reading.



    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    I feel very fortunate and happy right now because I just got my power back after getting hit by Irma.
    After a couple days of sitting in the heat with no light, no internet, and no cell service, I have come to realize how truly lucky I am to have these normal everyday things that we have here in the United States. Most of the time we don't even realize it until we don't have it anymore.


    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!


    At this exact second, I am exhausted! I spent all of yesterday in my internship in my 4th grade classroom. It was back to school night and I was in school from 8am to 8pm. I was lucky enough not to have class this morning, but I feel bad for my teacher and when I am actually a teacher because by the time you get home you basically have to go right to bed and wake up early again to do it all over. There were fights at recess, behavior problems, and just general chaos of the beginning of the year trying to establish routines.

    The worst part is it is still the beginning of the semester and I know it can only get more difficult with more work in my classes. I can't wait to just be in the classroom 5 days a week next semester.


    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    I feel pretty chill right now. I'm trying to have a much more relaxed attitude towards life. I think life is just too short to be so serious all the time. With stress I try to handle it by just doing whatever is stressing me out! Sometimes, you can't control things you stress over, so it is important to try to stop stressing in the first place.

    - Katina

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    I feel stuffed and full right now, after eating a big bowl of beef noodles yum!

    Have a good one!

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    I feel really loved right now!!!

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Hey Kyle,

    I'm feeling a bit tired: had a couple classes, work, and worship team later tonight. Took the last week off C-NET as the semester was beginning, and I am trying to get back into the routine of things. Got quite a bit HW to think about, among other things, but I'm trying to stay positive!



    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    I feel stressed. I have way too much homework, and some of it isn't online to help me. I ask around for my friends' help, and they'e either busy or don't know what I'm showing them. Life is just stressful. College is stressful. But this too shall pass.


    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Quite groggy, a little out of sync. I just woke up from a nap and now it's time to sleep. Oh well!


    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Hello there,

    I'm feeling bored. I have been super bored all day and super unproductive all day because I have been binge watching shows... So, I feel like I have fused with the couch for the day.

    I'm feeling super unproductive and bored because of this.

    But, tomorrow I shall be productive and better!

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Hey Kyle!

    RIght now I'm feeling a little out-of-the-loop. Is that a feeling?

    I only know two of the girls I'm rooming with and I just met the other three two days ago. And I'm not super tight friends with the two I know. So I feel a little awkward in my own apartment which is a weird feeling. I just feel weird trynig to figure out their social norms and how to live with them as the extra girl who joined their group late.

    Right now some of them are making dinner and I don't know if it's for all of us or just them so I figured I'd just go do my cnet until they finish in the kitchen before I go and make my own dinner. So becasue of all that I feel like I'm a little bit out-of-the-loop.


    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    Hey Kyle,

    I am feeling very tired as my schedule is packed. Senior year is stressful! Homework and essays are taking over my social life :')

    Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

    I feel a combination of meh and excitement. I feel meh because I'm going to an internship that for one, I don't really like, and two, isn't fulfilling my needs for school (the internship is combined with what I need for class and the program itself). However, I feel excitement because my plea for a transfer was agreed upon by my professor and the woman who does placements for internships, so I'm hoping that this is my last day (or at least second to last day) before I'm transferred somewhere else that will definitely fulfill my needs! Have a good day!