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    Which will you choose?

    created by Joeze 284 days 7 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Which will you choose?

    Hi CNET,

    I hope everyone's having a good week so far?

    If you had to choose 2 of your 5 senses which would they be? Why would you prefer those 2?

    Please let's get your thoughts/comments.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.



    Re: Which will you choose?

    Howdy Everyone,

    I would choose to go with sight and taste.

    I spend so much time using my eye-sight, it would be a huge struggle to live in a world without it. I wouldn't even be able to play video games anymore.

    I then would go with taste next. One of my favorite things in this world is food. It would suck so much to not be able to taste food anymore.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Which will you choose?

    First let me review my five senses:

    I would choose to keep my vision and feeling. Human beings are such visual creatures - I would rather have my sight than my hearing. Even though I'm a former musician and love to sing and hear music, I would rather be able to see than hear. I would also rather be able to feel with my fingertips and skin. If I couldn't feel hot or cold, soft or sharp, I would be susceptible to injury.

    Take away my taste though- it might help me lose weight!

    Re: Which will you choose?

    I would probably choose to keep my vision and my hearing. I suppose I would feel pretty numb since the rest of my senses would be gone, but I still want to be able to hear and see the things around me. That is the most important to me. Without sight I can't see the people I love. Without hearing it would be much harder to communicate with everyone, because then I would have to learn sign language and learn how to read lips.

    Re: Which will you choose?

    Hey Joeze,

    I would choose sight and hearing as my two senses. I could probably go without tasting anything because I think without knowing what taste is you probably wouldn't care too much ha ha. I just would still want to be able to experience music by hearing it and seeing what I'm doing. Smelling probably wouldn't be so bad to go without because then maybe I could take medicine without being grossed out ha ha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Which will you choose?

    HI guys,

    Thanks for being part of this forum.

    I notice everyone can't do without sight. Mine would be sight and hearing like a few friends earlier. I think if I have my sight and hearing I can try to make up for smell by relying on others. But I'll be done for if others too only have sight and

    Anyways, there's a reason why the Bhuddists learn the sound of the one hand clap, so they can use or attune other senses to be sharp too. A monk once plucked out his eyes so he couldn't be tempted and thus improved his other senses to become a distinguished monk. Well I wouldnt' get that far anyways.

    Thanks guys for being part of the forum and please others are welcome to add more thoughts.

    Best wishes on election day to all.



    Re: Which will you choose?

    Hey Joeze!

    Great post! I had to debate a little on this one.

    I know the first sense I would keep would be sight. That is vital to everyday life and while i'm sure if I was blind I could learn to cope (just as anyone who is blind does) it would make life so much harder.

    The second sense however is a toss up. Its between hearing and feeling, but I think I would pick feeling. I make a lot of connections with my sense of feel. Not only does it keep me safe from things such as a hot stove, but I think I would completely miss the feeling the sensation you get from a hug or a touch. For me, its vital that I physically connect and if I lost the ability to feel I think it would be worse for me than not hearing a word.

    Thanks for the post!