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    What Distracts You In Class?

    created by NathanK 475 days 15 hours 14 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What Distracts You In Class?

    Hello everyone,

    What causes you to loose focus in class or meeting? What tactics do you employ to stay on task?

    As a computer science major, all my discipline related classes are done at a computer. With the internet at my disposal, it is tempting to quickly check up on some sites during class. I'm usually pretty good at avoiding these distractions, but when I catch other people off-task, my eyes are drawn to their screen. It could be anything from playing a game to reading a news article. To help limit these distractions, I try to sit in the front row of class. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work if the person right next to me is distracted.

    On the flip side, if whomever I'm sitting by remains focused and is intently taking notes or working on an assignment, I'll feed off of their energy.

    Thanks for your responses,


    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hey Nathan!

    I am mostly distracted by those around me. I think it is the worst to sit next to someone that keeps whispering and chuckling with their nearby friends. I also tend to get distracted by the day's events. If something negative happened, I have the tendency to dwell on it more than I should. Another thing I do is observe everyone around me and make little stories for them in my head. It's a writer thing I think. Because I get distracted so easily, I have to sit in the front. It definitely helps to write notes as well. I write everything I hear and hardly look up sometimes. These are some of my most prominent tactics :)

    Have a great night, Nathan :)


    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hey Nathan,

    How is it going ? I can totally understand being distracted by the use of computer. For that very reason I often do not bring my laptop to my lectures. But I got to beware of my phone.

    Another may factor for my distraction is the low quality of the lecture by the professor. If the lecture is interesting then its hard for me to loose attention. But on the contrary if the lecture is boring then I will be easily distracted.

    Thanks for the question!!


    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Lucky for me i'm not distracted easily, especially if I'm really scribbling down notes. But, I will get distracted if someone's phone goes off (and this is really true if the ring tone is something obnoxious or a song, and it's worse if it's a song that I like!). I will also get distracted by someone doing something on their computer (that they're not supposed to be doing), and it doesn't help if suddenly the sound blasts through the classroom! But I stick to the front, so all of those distractions are usually seated in the back of me.

    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hello all!
    When I am in class, I am highly distracted by others. For example like many have said when other people are not on task, I agree that it is super easy to join in on them. The worst thing in my opinion is when they are on an electronic device. I see someone on their device and I start to think about what is going on in the outside of school world.
    Another distraction would be when people start clicking their pens or chewing their gum. Normally this wouldn't distract me if I wasn't in school... but in class when I am trying to focus and take notes it sticks out to me a ton! Also, this may be just me but I get super uncomfortable when I am sitting in class. My neck and back start to hurt really bad? Maybe there is something wrong with me... haha. Anyways. Thanks for the thread and knowing I'm not alone in my distractions! Have a nice day :)

    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hi all!

    When people take out their phones and computers or are talking over the professor I always find that super distracting. If I'm sitting with friends in class they also tend to talk when I'm trying to work and I get drawn in and get off task. I also find it really annoying when people eat or chew gum or tap their pens on tables.

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    What distracts me in class are the students who sit beside or in front of me watching youtube videos or any blogs. That's hard to ignore because of the glare their laptops exhibit and the motion you see from your peripheral vision. It also doesn't help if the professor is boring and you would just rather be entertained then listening to a human sleeping pill. Also, people just don't give a crap if they whisper too loud or make hand signals. That's so annoying and downright disrespectful to my learning. I'm paying my tuition so that I can learn, not become distracted during class. People who are distracting during class are taking away my opportunity to learn that's not right. The people who pay to get an education should get just that and the people who go to class for the mere purpose of being a nuisance should just drop out of college. If you're not serious about school, that's your choice. But don't take away my chance to learn and get an education just because that you don't want one yourself. That's incredibly selfish and inconsiderate.


    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hi NathanK,

    Some things that distract me in class are: pen clicking, gum chewing, and side conversations. What distracts me the most is my own Imagination and wandering day dreams. What I do to stay on task is listen to music. It often helps me focus on my task at hand. Either that or I sit closer to the front of the room. It is important for me to stay engaged so that I am present in the moment and attuned to what is happening in the classroom.

    If all that fails, I will go up to the professor to ask clarifying questions or go to them during office hours to start a discussion about the class.

    Thanks for reading,

    ~ Song ~

    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hello all,

    I get distracted mostly by the people around me, what I do is sitting in the emptiest side of the class room, or I sit in the first row. But sometimes is just unavoidable.


    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    I am mainly distracted by other people. I don't necessarily try to talk to everyone, but a habit of mine is to eavesdrop on what other people are saying. I'm always curious as to what other people usually talk about vs what I talk about. Also too, my phone can be a distraction sometimes if I'm feeling really bored and someone has sent me a message.

    - Katina

    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    I agree with you, sitting next to somebody motivated and focused in class really inspires me to also pay my all attention to the class more. I think what distracts me in class is when the teacher is giving a lecture and then there's people sitting close to me that decide to have a little side chat or comment on certain things, in whispers or out loud. I just find side conversations in the middle of the lecture distracting. I've learned to block it out of my system though, by tuning out on them and listening more intently to the teacher and then vigorously jotting down notes. I also find it distracting when people don't take notes in class lol. It makes me feel as if I'm overchieving because they look to be doing fine without taking notes, and then it makes me feel as if I'm just jotting down unnecessary notes because they don't even bother to jot notes down. But oh well, my logic still wins in the end, and I try to stay open minded and self-motivated.

    Have a good day!

    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Great question!

    Those people who never listen in class and always talking and disturbing. I just hate it. They aren't being respectful. If you are not going to pay attention why are you in class anyways ughh they get on my nerves.

    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hello Nathan,

    A lot of things can cause me to lose focus in a class or meeting. I have to try hard to stay attentive a lot of the time. One of the things I have the biggest problem staying attentive with is when I already know the material that is being discussed, for obvious reasons. Another thing that can make me lose focus is if I am disinterested to begin with while someone is tapping, shaking their leg like a mad man, or if someone gets a case of the hiccups (hiccups make me angry, and I don't know why...).

    The biggest distraction for me is background noise, however. That makes it impossible for me to completely concentrate on the material.


    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hey Nathan!! What usually distracts me during class are my own thoughts, it may go something like this: "yes, 15 minus 8 is seven. Woah, that seven looks like a snake... I wonder how baby snakes look like, would they look as small as that seven or a little bit longer?? I wanna see a baby snake now, what are the odds of randomly finding a baby snake? I don't think I could see them cause if they're brown they can easily camouflage in the earth... Next time i'm walking outside I gotta be more observant, but what if mama snake is around? Wait what are we doing, I need to stop thinking about this, focus Thaliana focus" So then I force myself to listen to every word that the teacher is saying until I get some meaning out of those words and get back on track.


    Re: What Distracts You In Class?

    Hi Nathan,

    Just about anything will distract me in class. I am pretty easily distracted in general, but I am very easily distracted when the class is boring or has hit a lull. If the class is interesting or if we are doing an example in class it is pretty easy to keep my focus.