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    Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?

    created by NjBr 472 days 8 hours 5 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?

    Hey All!! <3

    Can you all go to the bathroom and not have your phone with you?

    Does it seem like you are missing something from your life when you don't have it with you?

    If so then we are definitely addicted to it. I personally feel like I can't function without my phone. There has been several times that I have forgotten my phone and I just can't function right lol. I have been trying not to use it often but basically my entire life is on there because I am in a long distance relationship. I have seen people that are even worse than I am. They take their laptops with them lol. anyone here that does that???

    Sometimes I think to my self what I used to do without my phone. life just seemed so much simpler for me before all this technology. I kind of miss those days. I used to enjoy the outdoors more. Now days we don't even look around when we are outside because our heads are constantly inside the phone.

    So my question mainly is how long can you go without using any electronic device?

    Do you think that you are addicted to it as well?

    Have a beautiful day!!

    Re: Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?


    I am addicted to my phone, for sure! But I don't generally bring my phone into the restroom along with me. Sometimes I will and will scroll through my phone while I'm sitting there. However, I don't typically bring my phone with me all the time. I always have my phone with my however, so I don't find it weird when other people do that. I will have my phone in every room of my house with me, even if I don't need my phone at the time. I think this society has become so dependent upon their phones for all things, entertainment, socializing, and communication. We even use our phone when we don't need it either.

    I kind of wish I lived in a time before cell phones. Life was different but I feel that people were a bit less stressed. People assume that you will be instantly available due to always having your phone...

    Have a great day!!

    Re: Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?

    Hello NjBr,

    I can't go to the bathroom with my phone. If I did, I'd have to clean it immediately afterwards. (I have a bit of an issue with germs and keeping my electronic devices clean.)

    I've only had a cellphone for a few years now, and I feel no dependency on it. It's not a particularly great one either, so I don't use it very much apart from the usual calling/texting/emails/listening to music/checking the weather.

    My laptop on the other hand, well that would be much harder to part with. I think I have a slight internet and YouTube addition. Sure, I can go a few days without a computer, but when I do, I miss it.



    Re: Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?

    Hey NjBr,

    I would be challenged directionally without my phone. Otherwise, I think I would do alright without it. When I get home, I usually throw my phone down and don't pick it up until it's time to set my alarm for the next morning.


    Re: Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?

    Lol! Definitely glad to know that I'm not the only one that goes to the bathroom with my phone with me, all the time!
    I honestly just carry my phone around with me everywhere I go, because I guess when I'm in public I'm just afraid that I might misplace it if I just leave it hanging there by itself. So I take it with me even to the bathroom, because you know why not. But with the recent forums about cellphone sanitation in the bathroom, I think it might be a good idea if I stop playing on my phone in the bathroom lol.
    At home I tend to carry it with me out of habit, but for the most part I do it because I'm afraid I might miss a call or a text from being in the bathroom, even though my trips to the bathroom usually don't take long. I'm just a paranoid person I guess x)
    I feel like having my phone around doesn't really change how I am as a person and how I interact with the world though, because I still pretty much enjoy outdoors when I'm outdoor, and when I'm around other people I like to be in their company instead of shoving my face into the phone screen. One thing that changed is probably that I'm still an indoor person deep inside, and there are a lot more things that I enjoy doing on my electronic devices, and things I have to be doing as well, on the internet than being outdoor lol. So in that sense electronics does have a big influence on my hobbies and what I do with my life.

    Great topic, have a good one!

    Re: Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?

    Lol noo i can't live without my phone. I take it with me everywhere. Even in the shower I turn on the music and take a shower hahah

    Re: Can You go to the bathroom without your phone?

    Hey njbr,

    I do go to the bathroom without my phone sometimes, but it's rare and usually only when I literally have to rum to the restroom Lol. Like earlier, I didn't take it because I got food poisoning. I had to run...Lol no phone needed! Did I feel like something was missing? Kinda, nut it wasn't my phone.

    Lol sorry for the depressing tone. It has most certainly not been my week but I will be damned if I don't post!