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    How much water do you drink?

    created by MadHatcher 472 days 17 hours 48 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    How much water do you drink?

    Hey CNet!

    I hope you all have had a great weekend!

    On average, how much water would you say you drink daily? How do you keep up with how much you've drank?

    Some people don't keep up with measurements in their fluid intake and just drink when they're thirsty. Others have a container they use to help measure to ensure they're hitting their daily recommendation. What do you do?

    The current IOM recommendation for people ages 19 and older is around 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women. This is your overall fluid intake per day, including anything you eat or drink containing water in it, like fruits or vegetables.

    men | 19 years and older | 13 cups, or 104 total ounces
    women | 19 years and older | 9 cups, or 72 total ounces

    I have a Camelback that is 48oz and I try to drink 2+ a day. It's easy at work, as anytime I run out I just fill it back up, but it's harder to maintain at home. It's not very convenient to carry around a large, plastic bottle.

    So CNet, how much water do you drink? Do you have ways to make sure you're drinking enough?


    Re: How much water do you drink?

    Hey Cory,

    I usually don't have anything else to drink in the house which forces me to drink more water. Even though water is all I drink I don't drink enough of it. It varies day to day but I drink an average of 6 cups a day.


    Re: How much water do you drink?

    Hey Cory!

    Like Erin, I only have water to drink in the house so it's my go to. I drink a lot of water. At work I have a water bottle at my desk that I fill up 3 or 4 times a day! And while I'm home I usually have 2 or 3 classes.

    This is due to the fact that I've had kidney stones and they say drinking water is the best way to prevent that. And considering it was the most amount of pain that I've ever been in, I'm not trying to have that happen to me again!

    Re: How much water do you drink?

    Hi Cory,

    As a 6 ft tall fellow, I've been advised to drink abot 3 to 4 liters of water i.e. 3/4 to 1 gallon of water daily. I try to do it by starting off early in the morning with 1 liter of water. I find it helps my metabolism a whole lot and I've recommended it to many friends. Sadly, it's not a fun activity especially since water has no "pleasant" taste.

    Anyways just my little comment. Thanks for reading.


    Re: How much water do you drink?

    I've encountered some nasty headaches lately because I haven't been on top of my water intake.

    When I lived on a ship, I didn't have a "kitchen" so I constantly carried around a 1L Nalgene bottle. I'd drink about 2 of those a day, if not 3. In most other countries I've been to, water at restaurants costs money and comes in bottles. As a result, I carried my bottle around with filtered water from the ship even when I went into the town.

    Now that I'm home living a normal house (that sounds funny lol), I just drink when I'm thirsty. I also didn't bring that Nalgene with me because it was wasted space in my suitcase. But I've noticed that without the accountability of an empty bottle in front of me, I end up rarely drinking water. I drink too much coffee, especially in ratio to plain water intake.

    Luckily, I signed a contract for a new job today and they gave me a new water bottle! I think it's time for an improvement in this department!

    Re: How much water do you drink?


    To be honest I dont really know how may liters or gallons I drink per day. All I know is I drink alot of water. I often carry a water bottle with me (its normally its half a liter bottle) and then I continue to refill. I also dont like drinking fizzy drinks. Therefore I either drink juice or water along with my meals as well. I also contantly remind my wife to drnk water even though she is not too keen as I am.

    Thanks for the question!


    Re: How much water do you drink?

    He madhatcher!

    I usually drink about two or three glasses of water a day. I don't measure out how much I drink, but I keep plenty of water in my car and in my office at work. I also always have a cup that I refill at home. Today, I think I drank two glasses so far.


    Re: How much water do you drink?

    Hey Cory!

    I have a Nalgene (32 oz) that I usually drink at least four times a day in full. It's nice because there are water stations all around my campus that allow me to fill it up pretty easily. I used to have problems with getting dehydrated a lot, and some of the medications I take need me to drink lots of water. So I tend to drink a lot more than I actually need, which ends up with me peeing a lot. Still better than getting dehydrated or hurt from my meds though.

    All the best,

    Re: How much water do you drink?

    Good morning!

    I don't drink enough water at all. I always mean to start that habit, but haven't gotten around to it lol I will really begin to pay more attention and buy more bottled water. My wife buys a ton of bottled water and that's all we usually have at the house for that purpose. She doesn't buy sodas at all for the house. I just usually stop at McDonald's and get a tea on my way home and also during lunch. lol kinda defeated the purpose of that.

    Have a great day,


    Re: How much water do you drink?

    I'm supposed to drink at least 80 ounces of water a day, and let's just say that I'm not exactly close to that limit, but I do try to push the water, especially because it's good for me and keeps me hydrated. As of right now, I might drink 24 to 32 ounces of water a day (that's just a guess though), but I'll still try to push it to get closer to that intake of 80 ounces. Fun forum!

    Re: How much water do you drink?

    Not nearly enough.

    I have been dehydrated to the point of passing out a few times.

    I just don't have a strong thirst. Hunger though? Oh yeah! I am always hungry, but rarely thirsty. I usually have to force myself to drink more liquids throughout the day. But I usually only drink a few glasses every day. I know... not good.