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Do Twins Run In Your Family?

Good Afternoon Cnet, How many of you have twins that runs in the family? If you don't have twins that runs in your family, would you like to have twins of your own? If so, Would you like two girls, two boys, or a boy and a girl? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read More

Guys with long hair and manbuns

Good morning, CNetters! There are a lot of guys who wear long hair on my campus. I notice even more as I travel around to other universities for soccer. Many of the players on the various teams also have long hair. During the games they pull their hair... Read More

Naked and afraid—could you do it?

I like to believe I am a very strong independent woman but I am not sure that I could handle 21 days in the wild like some of these participants do. I HATE spiders and just that alone makes me think I could never sleep outdoors in all of the jungle places... Read More

Chickens, Cows and Pigs

Good morning world, If you could raise and grow the food you eat would you start a garden and a farm? That is, if space was no issue and you had the right facilities. Would you have chickens for your eggs? Cows for your milk and meat? Pigs for your bacon... Read More

Serving in the military - someone you know?

Good Saturday morning to you all, and happy first day of fall!!! Do you know someone personally who is serving or who has served in the military? You? Family member? Friend? What branch? I have numerous great uncles and a grandpa who have served in... Read More

What do you do when you find money on the ground?

Hi guys! Yesterday I found $80 on the ground on my way back from the cafe to my dorm. Now usually when I find money it’s a dollar on the ground, and I simply take it with me as I have no idea who’s it could be. But this a lot more money, Read More

What did you do today?

I'm surprised how productive I've been today since I was looking forward to not doing anything. I did laundry, some grocery shopping, re-potted a couple of plants, showered, napped. Not in that order but hey I got it done! Read More

What's your favorite thing about Fall?

Hey everyone, As Fall officially approaches in just a few hours 9/22, depending upon where you live, What is your favorite thing about Fall? I personally LOVE everything about Fall from the "cool crisp" air to the smell of "everything... Read More

What is your love language?

Recently, my friend had asked me if I knew what my top 2 love languages were. I had heard of the concept, but I wasn't completely familiar with what it meant. I then took the quiz, and it made a lot of sense explaining the concepts of how people give Read More

Losing things

Hey CNet! Do you lose things often? I misplace things often, but rarely ever lose them! However, today I did somehow manage to lose my entire cosmetic bag. Kind of a bummer, but it could be a lot worse! Thanks for reading! - Anna Read More