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Cash or plastic?

Do you pay cash or use a credit card for your everyday purchases? Many businesses give discounts and incentives to use cash rather than pay fees for credit card usage. Some local businesses and salons remain cash only for this reason. I know it's better... Read More

What's your morning drink?

Do you drink coffee or tea? Or are you just a water drinker? I am a two cups of coffee every morning drinker. I am not a grumpy person in fact I'm quite positive and optimistic about life. But my morning needs to start with a cup of black coffee. Read More

What soap do you use?

Hey everyone, so what is your favorite soap to use in the shower or to wash your hands? I like using the axe snake peel body wash. It smells great and has those exfoliated material in it. What soap do you use? A bar or liquid? -Joey Read More

Why do Ladybugs get a break all the time?

Hi CollegeNet. As a CNET graduate, I always have ideas for new forums but don't have time to write them. So, since I am in between semesters I decided I would spend my last free week writing the forums I think of. So there is a lady bug factory in my... Read More

What's your choice of transportation?

Hey everybody, I am just wondering how you all get to work or school ? Do you take a bus or subway or drive or carpool or walk ? And why ? I choose to walk to my college as it gives me a little bit of daily excercise and also time to reflect. The other... Read More

Are you a fan of change?

Do you like constant change in your life? Or would you rather keep things the same and comfortable. Examples of constant change could be, moving often, visiting a new restaurant every time, etc. vs same favorite restaurant and preferring to live in Read More

Are you living up to expectations?

Hey guys, So everyone tends to have some sort of expectations that they are supposed to meet, but do you ever feel like you aren't living up to those expectations? There are several times where I feel like in my personal, and professional roles where... Read More

When do you eat dinner?

Hello! I don't think I eat dinner at the same time every day. It depends on my schedule but sometimes it's as early as 4:30 or as late as 9. If I have it really early I'll try and get something that I can save in my fridge to snack on later at night Read More

Do you like your friend's children?

Hey Everybody! I'm just sayin'! Some people's kids are a little difficult to like. Granted, my friends have children who are high school age or older, so for me it is a little difficult to understand why they are not practicing good manners at this Read More

Have you ever been to paradise?

Hey guys! What is the best vacation you've ever taken? I am in the Bahamas right now (and still making time for cnet:)) and it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! Today we chilled by the pool and the beach. The resort we are at has volleyball,... Read More