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Would you Run towards or away from danger?

Hey guys, so my question today is, if you saw someone in danger, would you help them? What if you witnessed a kidnapping? What would you do?... Would you follow the the abductor, call 911, or would you just assume that someone else will call 911? As... Read More

What do you eat for breakfast?

Hey guys, easy question today. What do you guys usually eat for breakfast? I do not usually eat breakfast, because my stomach gets messed up early in the morning. It is a rare occasion when I eat breakfast. I do however, enjoy breakfast food at lunch... Read More

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

What is your favorite outdoor activity? I love to play sports outside with my friends on days where the weather is great! I also love taking walks! I look forward to hearing from everyone! Read More

Credit Reports

Good evening CNETers! I've been doing some financial house keeping since landing a new job and recently obtained my credit report. Lo and behold, someone else's loans and credit cards were on my report. Luckily, they were good about keeping low balances... Read More

Amazon Prime

Hey guys, So there's been a pretty bad storm going on in the Midwest, so my Amazon shipment has been delayed! Luckily I don't need what I ordered for a few days, but it's a little bit of a bummer that half of my order made it and the other one didn't.... Read More

Longest Work Day

Good evening CNETers! I just finished at 14 hour shift and I am tired, but not too tired to ask you this question: What was your longest workday or shift? Read More

What do you think of makeup? Do you wear it, why?

Hello everyone :) Happy Friday! So I like makeup. Do you wear makeup? Why? How much do you wear on a daily basis? If you don’t wear makeup, what do you think of it? Why is it somehow a standard that women should do their hair and makeup but men... Read More

Do you buy yourself gifts?

Hey guys, So I took a test yesterday, and I bought myself a cheap present afterwards to reward myself for studying for it and to help calm my nerves for what I might get as a grade. I usually don't buy myself a gift after tests, but I've been trying... Read More