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What Kind Of Car Do You Have?

Good Morning Cnet, For today's forum, I would like to know what kind of car do you guys have? When did you guys start driving? How many cars have you owned? What color? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read More

Can you do your job without the internet?

Good morning! I hope your weekend treated you well, and that you're looking forward to hopefully a short work/school week. My weekend was great! I did a bunch of NOTHING, which I haven't done in quite a while. I feel pretty refreshed and ready to jump... Read More

How many votes is a good number of votes?

Happy Sunday, kind people. As someone who is no longer on the Rookie board but still feels like a Rookie, how many votes is a good number of votes to get per day or week on CNet? I really don't know exactly how many has been my best week, like when Read More