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Cnetters Without Profile Pics ?

Hello CNET, What are your thoughts about Cnetters who do not have a profile pic and use the standard avatar ? Do you think a profile pic is nessecary to create a name for yourself on CNET? Do you think it is not even important ? I personally think... Read More

Polarizing America

In the past couple years the politics in our country has been spiraling out of control and it has resulted in a seemingly split country. Everyone blames someone else and there seems to be no real explanation given by major media figures or politicians... Read More

Do you know your NEIGHBORS ?

Hey CNET. Do you know your NEIGHBORS? In passing or personally ? I live in an apartment. I have been here for about 4 years. I know most of my neighbors in passing. I do talk to some of them , but it is light small talk. Sometimes new tenants are... Read More