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What was your nickname as child

Great morning fellow Cnetters, I think nicknames that stayed with us as adults are the cutest thing. Have you ever went to your family's event and someone called you by your childhood name in front of your guests, hahahah...so cute ;) What was your Read More


How many selfies do you take per day? Hey everyone, so how many of you love taking selfies? I just love taking selfies :) I think maybe I take like about 40+ hahah... I know that is a lot but I have family from long distance and they always want to see... Read More

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Living with parents

Hello All, I am living with my parents and going to school for nursing which I believe nursing program is a though major and takes lots of my time. therefore, living with the family is so helpful while I am in school. so my question from you guys is... Read More

Do You want money?

If someone were to give you 5 millions dollars to slap your mother, your grandmother, or your newborn, who would you choose to slap and why? Read More


Hello C-Net I make a lot of the same mistakes when I'm typing. What are some common typos you make while you're typing or texting? For some reason, I always seem to mix my i's and o's a lot and also end up capitalizing 2 letters when I only mean to Read More

What are your special/unique talents?

Hey everyone, What are your special/unique talents? Mines is I can learn languages very easily. Right now I can speak 3 languages, currently learning my 4th and I'm only 22 years old. I learned these 3 languages before I was 18. So what makes you stand... Read More

Live ammunition in the movies

Have you guys ever noticed that in the movies they always use special effects and stunt men to perform some of the more dangerous things in movies? It makes the movie kind of disappointing, when you see how it was made doesn't it? What if they started... Read More

Do your own mani-pedi, or let professional do it?

Good morning everyone, Do your own manicure & pedicure or let the professional do it? I let the processional do my manicure and pedicure when I have money but when I am broke, I do it myself. Have a good day. Read More

What Do You Think About Starbucks?

Hello College Netters! As I sit here sipping my Trenta Passion Tea Lemondade, my curiosity has been piqued. Do you think it's worth it to spend $5 a day on coffee? Or, is it better to make coffee in the secure space of your own home? For me, I prefer... Read More

Explain to me what happiness is

I think we all have a different idea of what happiness is. There is certainly some overlap with most of our ideas and thoughts but I would like to see what that is. What gives you happiness? Is it easy to get for you? I would also like to know have Read More