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Iphone or android?

Hi guys! So which do you have/prefer iPhone or android? why? Read More

Lets play a game of would you rather

If you had a time machine that only went forwards 5 years or backwards 5 years and you could have lunch with that version of yourself for 1 hour....Would you rather choose future you or past you to visit? And why?? I would choose future me because I... Read More

How expressive are you when you type/text?

Hey CNET! How expressive are you when you talk to someone electronically? Do you type long, elaborate texts, or keep it short and sweet? Do you use emojis, proper grammar, and/or punctuation? I personally like to be very expressive. I think that it's... Read More

BS Quotes

Good Morning, What quote or saying do people say but it's complete BS? For example: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” You better say your sorry's if you did something that is your fault, or there’s a good chance... Read More

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Which celebrity would you meet?

Celebrities could be some of the most loved, or hated, people in the world. So as a fun question, I ask to you, if you could meet any celebrity or someone that is very well known, who would you meet? Personally, I would meet Roger Federer, as a tennis... Read More

HR and Nose Digging Potential Employee

And it's Friday again...yippee I was told of a story where a lady came for a job at a company. She was instructed by the HR recruiter to have a seat as she will return with some test papers. Once the HR recruiter returned, she found the lady with Read More

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Do you drink more water or other drinks?

Hello All, Happy Friday! It is summer and we tent to drink more. So my question for you is Do you drink more water or other drinks? Have a great weekend, Fhr Read More

Social Media and Co-Workers

So recently a few of my co-workers have friend requested me on social media. I have yet to accept their friendship. What are your thoughts...do you think co-workers should become friends on social media? Read More

Vacation and sick days

Vacation and sick days How many do you get per yer at your job? Thanks Good day - Kamila Read More

What does your name mean?

Hey Cnet! My name is Kiana! Many people spell Kiana different ways but this version of Kiana is Hawaiian. My name means blue moon. So what does your name mean? Read More