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What Is Something You Want To Quit Doing?

Good Sunday CNet Fam! What's something you want to quit doing? I want to quit being a procrastinator. I'm just so burnt out from my schedule that I can't help it sometimes. Have a blessed day! Thankful Read More

Movie Film Quotes

Hey C-net, Just going to do a fun forum today and it's something I often see in groups I am and I always like to see what people say. So here it. Name a movie quote gives away the film without saying the title. Here's my quote: "To Infinity...... Read More

What snack can you not get enough of?

Hey everyone, What snack can you not get enough of? The one snack that I’m obsessed with would be chips. It can be any kind of chips. Although, at the moment I’m in love with the Brand Simply Cheetos white cheddar puffs. Whenever I just... Read More

Do you text back immediately or wait?

Good morning, CNET! Do you text back immediately, or wait until later? --- I try to text back ASAP because otherwise, I may forget to, or think that I did. Sometimes when I put off texting back, then I don't realize I haven't responded until the next... Read More

Which one: hot, cute or handsome/pretty?

Aloha Cnetters, Just finished scraping together/pounded out a passable paper for my class. Gosh, I was really getting stressed out about it, but now, at 1 am, I have passed the point of being super concerned. I just need to clean it up a bit, slap... Read More

7 Wonders Of The World

Have you ever seen any of. 7 wonders of the world? If yes, what was it like? If no, which would you like to see? I have seen and walked along the Great Wall Of China. It was very impressive and also very hot outside. It was so much fun exploring and Read More

Invisible for one day or fly for one day??

Hello All, I was trying to think of a good would you rather and here is one I thought of: Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day! I think both options are pretty awesome, but I think I'm going to have to go... Read More

Are you traveling this Thanksgiving?

Hello everyone! Are you traveling this Thanksgiving?! On Wednesday me and my mom are driving to Illinois to spend time with family..... where we live we don’t have any family here with us Read More

Eating only one kind of food forever.

Hey CNET! I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that food is a big part of everyone's life. I mean, besides food being amazing and plain delicious, we need it to survive. But what if all the food in the world disappeared and only one kind of food remained?... Read More

Are used items/secondhand as good as new items?

Good morning, CNET! Do you buy any used/secondhand items? If so, what do you buy used (electronics, clothes, appliances, etc.)? Or do you prefer new items? --- This morning, I'm heading to a store called McKays that is a warehouse of used DVDs, Read More