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Do you use credit card or debit card most?

Hi everyone, I am just curious if you use credit card of debit card the most? I usually use debit card the most because I feel like I am using the money that I own. Read More

Favorite board game

Hello CNET! I really love playing imagineiff. My family and I play it all the time and it is just hilarious! What's your favorite board game? Who do you play it with? -Emma Read More

What is your favorite Pie?

Good morning C-net family, It's getting close to Easter so it's time for a family dinner.What's a dinner without pie. My favorite pie is banana cream pie with a graham cracker crust and lots of cool whip. What is your favorite pie? Have a great day!... Read More

Favorite Dessert?

Hi everyone! I know we all love to splurge a little bit after dinner sometimes. What do you have? Do you have something rich, or something light? I'd love to know! Most times, I normally have chocolate ice cream with the occasional cookie. If I'm in... Read More

Would you be willing to eat a tarantula for 40,000

Hi everyone, Would you be willing to eat a tarantula for $40,000? Have a nice day! Share! Read More

Have You ever run the red light while driving ?

Good morning everyone, Have you ever run the red light while driving ? How did you feel afterward ? The truth is yes I have run the red light 1 or 3 times and I was scared doing it because I know that it was wrong. Have a wonderful weekend . Read More

If U saw your boss robbing would U report it ?

Hi everyone, What would you do if you saw your boss robbing the company that you work for ? The truth is I would not report it directly but I will write a note to HR anonymously. I don't want to loose my job in the process. What would you do ? Have... Read More

What is your daily morning routine?

Hey CNET! Everytime I get ready for school I always follow this routine: wake up, shower, brush my teeth and RUSH out the house. I usually sleep until the last minute, giving myself the bare minimum amount of time to do everything. I'm writing this... Read More

Do you play any state lottery games?

Hey Everybody! I recently joined a lottery club at work. We each pitch in $2 per week and we buy multiple lottery tickets for a chance to win big money, we hope! Most U.S. states have lottery games. They offer a variety of styles and different levels... Read More

How good is your memory?

Hi everyone! I post/vote on collegenet on my iPhone and when I vote for people, the text message briefly pops up and I try to remember the code, but I can only remember four characters at a time. No matter how fast I go I can never remember the other... Read More