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What are your Grades? Looking to Improve?

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone's day started off great. I'll just ask two simple questions for today's forum: What are your classes and what are your grades so far? Are you where you want to be or are you doing something to improve them? Read More

What type of food could/do you eat everyday?

Hello CollegeNET, I am typing this as I eat chicken tenders and fries for what seems like my 100th consecutive day. I was wondering if any of you had a go-to food that you eat almost everyday in college? If so, what is it? -Alex Read More

Summer Courses?

Good morning C-net family, Are you taking summer courses or are you taking a break? I am taking 2 classes online for school in the summer just to increase my credits. I am taking 4 classes right now so taking 2 ought to be... Read More

Do You Ever Take Online Classes?

Have you ever taken online classes? Is it more convenient than working in a classroom? Would you be willing to receive a bachelor's degree solely through online classes alone? Read More

What college do you attend/ plan attending?

What college is everyone at or planning to go to? And why? I graduated Auburn University last year and attended there because i could live at home and it's a wonderful college. I am about to start Samford University in Birmingham in May for their accelerated... Read More