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How many hours do you work being a student?

I am a full time student and I have been working few hour, about 10 hours per week. How about you people? Read More

CollegeNET User/Screen Names

Hi C-Net Friends & Family Happy Election Day.. I've come across some unique and interesting names here on C-Net. What made you you choose your screen name on C-Net? Is there a story behind it? My screen name is HisChosen1. It stems from 1 Peter... Read More

Are you a last minute person ?

Hey all, How much ever I try, I end up doing thing at the last minute. This is especially true when it comes to doing my essays and handing it . Even though I might start working on my essays early, I always end up handing it in at the last minute Read More

Have You Ever Cheated Before?

Have you ever cheated before? Read More

Do you miss your school days?

Hey guys, I loved school and would give anything to relive those days. I thought college would be fun and I wanted to graduate high school fast but now it's the other way around. I sure miss school friends, teachers and my campus. School is the most Read More

What do you do when you're overwhelmed?

Hey guys, So my teachers have assigned me a ton of homework for the next couple of days and on top of it I haven't had much time to work on everything so I feel like I'm falling behind. I am feeling really overwhelmed so my brain is just telling me Read More


What if America was really divided into factions or groups? Like you would have the smart people, the less intellect the, ect. Is being more intelligent than someone making America unequal? Read More

Where do you do homework?

Hey guys, So today I've been working on homework all day and I've been working on it in my home office. I used to do homework on the couch before we moved into the house that we're in now, or try to do most of it at my job. I still tend to do a lot Read More

Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

Hey, Everyone! My first day of this semester is today so I'm thinking about how my schedule will go! It made me wonder: do you prefer morning, afternoon, or night classes? I personally prefer morning/midday classes. If it gets too late in the day, I... Read More

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Choosing a major

Hi, I'm a freshman in college and I hope not to spend more than four years here. I'm debating between English, multimedia/ entertainment media and kinesiology. These fields of study are so far from each other..and I just feel lost. I live in California... Read More