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What's something you've been meaning to try?

Aloha CollegeNet, What's something you have been meaning to try? Is it a food? An activity? Using new words in your vocabulary? Going to a new place? Taking a new route to work? I have this poster in my office that says make today a Try-Day- aimed at... Read More

Do you hold hands with anyone in your life?

Aloha Cnetters, Whew, today was a roller coaster of emotions. My boyfriend caught my cold, so I wanted to take care of him before he went to work, took a lot of cold medications, then I wanted to relax by watching TV shoes, I did all my new chores,... Read More

What is your definition of a beautiful soul?

Aloha CollegeNet, First off, I have to thank MotivatedOne for such kind thoughtful words on my post yesterday and for the inspiration for this post. In fact everyone- Auntiec, Kristen and MotivatedOne really helped to cheer me up and warm my heart yesterday... Read More