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Subject: Re: Should road tests be required to keep your license

Forum: Should road tests be required to keep your license
Hi Beth,

I think it might be worth a try, but I think everyone will be on their best behavior at these tests and then go back to their awful driving habits as soon as they have their new license in their hands. I just don't see it changing much except the cost of paying people to administer the tests.

Having said that, my grandpa is in his 80's and is not really very safe behind the wheel. There really should be some kind of mandatory retest for someone when maybe a doctor determines loss of physical/mental ability to drive. That might work in getting those who are deteriorating off the roads without an age discrimination issue, maybe?

I just think that the driving issue is a serious one, but driver's attitudes (me first, I am most important, etc.) are probably more dangerous.

You have some good ideas, though. Anything is worth a try.

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Sunday Fun Day!

Forum: Sunday Fun Day!
Hey, Jon,

Oh, man, good luck on those finals. I am so glad mine are done! Go Zips! I will have to steal my mom's Akron Zips t-shirt when I watch it off and on tonight, haha! I will be with my parents (!) at their church Christmas party, (hopefully I can watch it there some), then out with some friends to see Christmas lights or to shop or something.

After church, I will of course nap, then try to help my mom with food prep for the party during the commercials of the football games.

I would say have a wonderful day, but since you are studying...... OK, have a productive day, how's that? Enjoy the soccer game.


Subject: Workplace gift-giving: Awkward or not?

Forum: Workplace gift-giving: Awkward or not?
Good morning, everyone!

Do you all chip in for a gift for the boss at the holidays? Is it awkward or is everyone comfortable with it?

For some, it is a time-honored tradition that adds a little something fun to the holidays, while to others who maybe can't afford to contribute, who do not celebrate the holidays, or whose religion prevents them from participation may feel embarrassed by their lack of contribution or feel forced against their will. Still others may feel that their boss should not be honored with a gift, or it's just one more thing on their never-ending to-do list.

I don't have a boss yet, but I would hope that office gift-giving is not done where I would work. I think it is an unfair.practice. However, if a coworker and I should mutually decide to exchange gifts outside of the office, then it would be OK.

How do you feel about workplace gift-giving? Do you do that where you work?

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Yay or Nay: Turtlenecks

Forum: Yay or Nay: Turtlenecks

Nay on turtlenecks. I don't think they look particularly good on anyone, and they are definitely uncomfortable. I feel like I am choking and I don't like material that close to my face.

Thanks for the topic, and have a good one!


Subject: Re: Cheating: if everyone's doing it?...

Forum: Cheating: if everyone's doing it?...
Hi Kat,

I think that is a good solution, informing the instructors about the online availability of their tests. They may not know about it. I have often wondered about take-home and open-book exams in general, as you can just look up the answers. That takes longer than having the tests already available, but still not coming from your memory or your studying.

Copying the answers from an on-line test, especially if it is an essay or short answer test would be obvious a cheat situation. A true/false and multiple choice test is not as obvious a cheat situation so that would be harder to catch. I would not do either because it is not the right thing to do. I still have to look at myself in the mirror, and I want to like the person I see. Sticky situation.

Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!