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Subject: Re: Going back to basics: Favorite Color

Forum: Going back to basics: Favorite Color
Good morning Raneem,

Fun topic this morning!

First I have to giggle because when I think of gold and black it makes me think of our rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Boo. Ha ha. But individually I like both Gold and Black!

My favorite color is Gray followed by scarlet/red. I think I like them because I grew up as a Buckeyes fan! My bedroom was just painted gray and my comforter, sheets and pillow case are gray/black.

Thanks for the forum! I wonder if anyone’s ever done a study about the colors people chose and what the meaning behind them could mean.

Have a super great day!


Subject: Re: Holiday Traditions

Forum: Holiday Traditions
Hey good morning, Joey,

That sounds like a fun holiday tradition and I bet everyone looks forward to that every year. I would be crying, laughing so hard!

My family's annual tradition is nothing like that! There are about 40 of us now, though, that all gather each Christmas Eve at one of our houses. We rotate between three of us who host. This year it's our turn. We have an ugly Christmas sweater contest with anonymous voting. The winner is not really a winner because the grand prize is to take home the "fruitcake" that has been stored in the prior years winners refrigerator/freezer for seriously the last 10 years or so. It started off as a joke one year. My mom's brother sent it to my mom one year as a real gift. Um. She was like, "what the heck?" So we decided to pass it on somehow and that was how our tradition and prize started! It is a lot of fun seeing everyone decking out their Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Each year people do them up with lights and add ornaments and things. It's so funny! Fruitcake, it's the gift (prize) that keeps on giving. lol

Have a great day!


Subject: Sunday Fun Day!

Forum: Sunday Fun Day!
Good morning, CNetters!

Hey today is Sunday Fun Day!

What's on everyone's agenda today? Do you have anything fun planned, with family, kids or friends? Or it is a chill day for you as your fun day?

I normally spend my Sunday's watching football with my friends on campus but today, I am having to forego my Sunday Fun Day to continue to cram and study for finals. I have 4 this week. I am hoping to maybe take a break around 8 PM tonight to see Ohio's D1 Akron Zips Men's soccer team play the University of Maryland for a NCAA National Championship! Not bad for an unranked team! Proud Ohioan here!

Aside from that, I will have to make up double time next Sunday for today's "loss". ha ha ha.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: Christmas Light Shows

Forum: Christmas Light Shows
Good morning Humanitarian,

I do like to catch the many shows like what you described. I have seen Halloween Wars, Cupcake Wars, I like the cooking shows too. There are so many creative and talented people! I have not seen the Christmas Light Shows though! It sounds fun! Is it on HGTV? I am going to look it up after I am done with my finals this week! It sounds perfect and spot on for this time of the year. Thank you!

In my neighborhood there are a lot of houses that get all decked out. Up until last year there was a house on neighborhood over that had an incredible display. The amount of lights was out of this world and I thought it was so cool how the lights skipped to the music.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Marathon morning and how passionate are you?

Forum: Marathon morning and how passionate are you?
Good morning,Wanderer,

I am SO IMPRESSED that you have trained and worked so hard to run in your first marathon! I wish you all the very best today! I hope you have perfect weather to run as well. Based on everything that I have learned about you so far, I know you are going to absolutely knock it out of the park today!

I am not so sure I live totally passionately at this early point in my life. I feel like a lot of times I am running from here to there. But I have been trying to learn that I need to sometimes slow down to take in the experiences along the journey, not just be concerned about the endpoint because the journey itself is what life is all about. I am actually working on it thanks to many uplifting posts I have read on CNet! Like when my team went to Nashville for soccer, we found time to go sight see and check out the town. It was beautiful and I made some memories!
I think my biggest holdback is my age and being a college student there's not a lot of money to go out and travel etc. I hope to be able to study abroad while in school. It's something I have always wanted to do!

Thanks for your forum. I am excited to hear how our marathon went. I am glad you picked out some fun apparel at the marathon expo too! You deserve that!

Have a great day!