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ScreenName: PxB Aukes12 More
City/State: Spring Lake Park, MN
High School: Spring Lake Park High Sch
College: Iowa State University
Univ of Minnesota-Twin Cities
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Montana State Univ-Bozeman
Univ of Nebraska at Omaha
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
North Dakota State University
University of North Dakota
South Dakota State University
ScreenName: Jessica More
City/State: Missoula, MT
High School:
College: Montana State Univ-Bozeman
University of Montana
Washington State University
ScreenName: ryander More
City/State: Bellevue, WA
High School: Oliver M Hazen High School
College: Arizona State U Tempe Campus
Purdue University
Montana State Univ-Bozeman
University of Montana
Oregon State University
University of Oregon
University of Portland
Washington State University
University of Washington
Western Washington University
Whitman College
Whitworth College
ScreenName: swweetcountrygrl I'm a pretty freaking awesome senior this year at PCHS. I'm involved in 4H. I love snowboarding, offroading, mudding,camping, fishing, hunting, rodeos,... More
City/State: Colorado Springs, CO
High School: Pine Creek High School
College: Montana State Univ-Bozeman
ScreenName: klowis More
City/State: Tahoe City, CA
High School: North Tahoe High School
College: Montana State Univ-Bozeman

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Subject: Re: What is your favourite Starbucks drink?

Forum: What is your favourite Starbucks drink?

My favorite Starbucks drink is a shaken white iced tea no sweetener. I really don't like the flavor of coffee at all. I also don't mind their fruity tea drinks.

My daughter likes the Birthday Cake Frappuccino.

I love sitting in their little stores and reading. :)


Subject: Money spilled on highway..would you grab some?

Forum: Money spilled on highway..would you grab some?
Hi Cnetters,

I read in the news that yesterday over a 1/2 of a million dollars spilled out of an armored truck in NJ and was floating around on the highway. As of today $300k was still missing.

If you were sitting at a stoplight and it started raining $$ would you grab some?

Honestly it would be very tempting......


Subject: Re: Gaming

Forum: Gaming
Hi Raneem,

I like playing games once in a while. My son (16) plays all the time. He wears his headphones w/ mic and screams and yells while he is playing. He loves to play with a large group of his friends. He would play 24-7 if I let him. It is really frustrating when he wakes me up because he is "gaming" too loudly.

I really like to get on Pinterest on Instagram if I am wanting screen time. I can be on there for hours and not be aware of it... :)


Subject: Re: Street you grew up on?

Forum: Street you grew up on?

I lived on Sutherland Lane my entire life until I was 18. It is a dirt road about 3 miles long. Sutherland is a family name from way back. I grew up in a small rural town where several generations of my family lived.


Subject: Re: Will you keep trying?

Forum: Will you keep trying?
Hi Dymphie,

I will most certainly participate until the very end. I have only been on CNET for 2 1/2 months but I really enjoy it and need the money to go towards my student loans. I have never heard of a site besides this one that lets you earn towards loans you have already taken out and you don't have to currently be in school.

Like Kasey, I am super interested in what will happen next with Cnet.