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ScreenName: k-shopp My name is Kelsey, I am a senior at Champlin Park Highschool. I got accepted to my dream school, the College of St. Scholastica, in Duluth Minnesota.... More
City/State: Champlin, MN
High School: Champlin Park High School
College: College of St Scholastica
ScreenName: HazelEyes More
City/State: Menomonie, WI
High School: Menomonie Senior High School
College: College of St Scholastica
ScreenName: lexicon More
City/State: Staples, MN
High School: Staples Motley High School
College: College of St Scholastica
Coll of St Benedict-St Johns U
ScreenName: trista More
City/State: Little Falls, MN
High School: Little Falls Community High Sc
College: College of St Scholastica
University of Saint Thomas
Coll of St Benedict-St Johns U
Saint Mary's Univ of Minnesota
Saint Olaf College
Marquette University
ScreenName: williamg88 More
City/State: Duluth, MN
High School: Maple River High School
College: College of St Scholastica

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Subject: How do you give back?

Forum: How do you give back?
BugWig Studios is run by Marnie Berglund Ludwig and her husband John Ludwig. We host our own site and have purchased our own SSL certificate to insure security. We use Square payment gateway for all our credit card transactions. By hosting our own site we work closely with a development program called Sytist. The main designer answers our tech issues within 48 hours or less. Only our registered users are viewing the sites. We check daily of any unauthorized users and insure that we keep our clients information safe.

BugWig Studios believes strongly in giving back. Each team is made up of volunteers, therefore we volunteer our time to take the photos for your team and develop the team composite to provide thank you prints to your sponsors. We try to do our part by getting 100% involvement even if it means setting up for one child missing photo day. Banners are a bonus to the teams we work with. We verify with the league and associations prior to working with each team. We ask in advance as many questions as we can to insure participation is OK.

We currently have 100+ followers on Facebook for coupon specials and such. We also monitor who is watching on there as well. We are part of this community. Our children go to school here and play on many of the teams we are part of. Marnie loves working with each team. There is not a day that goes by that she does not receive an email or comment that they could not afford pictures at picture day and wonder if they can still order. We have been there, things add up. Kids sports is not cheep and pictures are not either. Yes we do charge more at the time of ordering, but our time and equipment have been involved long before you have ordered. We are a business, but a business that wants to be around at least until Timothy, our son, graduates in 2029. Wow that seems so far away.

Communication plays a big part in our everyday lives. We encourage communication with us anytime via website, email, text or calling. Marnie does this full time. She volunteers for Twig Hockey and North Country Ride. She also works part time at Coates RV as their photographer and floater. John drives bus for South Ridge School, Range Mental Health and is a Tax Pro for H&R Block. We have been through quite a bit of confidentiality training over the years.

Thank you for your continued support with our business and thank you for allowing us to give back to the teams we support and cheer for.

Subject: Re: it your thing to do

Forum: it your thing to do
I like using coupons, but it's also pretty tedious to find, clip, and then use them at the store. I've also found that I end up using only a fraction of the coupons I clip because the off-brand is typically cheaper than the brand name with the coupon. The exception is if there's a special going on that allows use of coupons, and sometimes they don't. I get coupins by going to the coffee shop late morning on Sundays and pull the coupons from papers left behind.

I think there was a time when coupons were more profitable, but the extreme couponing craze kind of ruined it. Now most stores have policies about how many coupons can be used and when. After all, despite the clapping you see on the couponer shows, no store actually wants a customer to leave with carts of products for free.

How about electronic coupons? I use store specific ones but haven't found a general use one that's much good. Can anyone recommend one?

Subject: Outdoor Activities!

Forum: Outdoor Activities!
The weather is getting warmer and the April showers are hopefully on their way out, so I've been thinking about things I want to do outside this summer.

What's your favorite spring/summer outdoor activity?

Subject: Re: What can we expect to find in your car?

Forum: What can we expect to find in your car?
A great reminder (ugh!) that I need to clean out my car...

sweatshirts, softball gear, potting soil, cabinet screws, shoes, change of clothes, trash, granola bar, lottery tickets I haven't cashed in yet, winter coat, gloves, picnic blanket, unused kitty litter.

Subject: Re: Let's Talk: Books

Forum: Let's Talk: Books
Awesome! Thanks for a place to find new books to read!

I've been thinking about reading The Road for some time - it's even already on my kindle. You've given me the inspiration to finally make time to read it!

Ishmael - by Daniel Quinn is a great book, as are the companion books My Ishmael and The Story of B. I don't usually read philosophical novels but they were really engaging and worth the read.

I also like reading Orson Scott Card. He's probably most known for Ender's Game since it was made into a movie (which did not do the book justice, in fact it changed the ending which was a critical piece of the plot). I really enjoyed all of his series and found it really easy to become involved in the characters' lives.

I can't wait to see what other books are posted so I can add them to my reading list!