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Subject: Re: Tea or coffee?

Forum: Tea or coffee?
Hey EMan,

Coffee ,,, give me all the coffee!!!

It sounds weird, but my first cup of coffee is something that I greatly look forward to every morning! I like it with Splenda and half & half!

I like tea too though! Coffee is for the morning and tea is good for any other time!

I hear you on the CNet news ,,, I am still in a bit of shock! I read your post on the Admin's forum and I I wanted to tell you that I feel for you and want to encourage you in your dream and goal of attending college! There are so many of you on CNet right now that have just started or will be starting your college career and these scholarship and the thought of the ten thousand dollar payout was no doubt such a blessing! And now, to have that so abruptly taken away is a crushing blow! Your thoughts on the middle class and the lack of scholarships and help is spot-on! We are the ones that often have no scholarship help and end up with massive student loan bills! But, Eman, don't give up!! Go to college; apply for everything you can find and get those government loans and you will figure it out! Don't give up your education goals and life dreams! I am also rooting for you this week ,,, I hope you can earn a scholarship before the 26th! :)

Thanks for the forum!


Subject: Re: Talking about our struggles in life

Forum: Talking about our struggles in life
Hi Wanderer,

Thank you for being honest and real! I so admire that character trait! I have no doubt that your struggles have been heartbreaking and I am sorry for your pain! I also have no doubt that they have made you "real" and because of that, your compassion and empathy for others runs deep!

While I haven't experienced your struggles with mental illness, I have watched my husband work his way around that battle. I don't know if you've read any of my posts about his surgical mishap that changed both of our lives? He was the picture of health and was living life to the fullest and it was all taken away in the blink of an eye! It was an almost life ending, but certainly life changing event! The short version of the story ,,, an undetected cerebrospinal fluid leak wreaked havoc on his health; from meningitis to irreversible nerve damage and chronic pain. Years of physical therapy and grit have made it better and he lives, by all outward appearances, a "normal" life again. But, a lot was lost in the process in every way imaginable. My husband really struggled with the loss of life as he knew it! And one of the complications that hit him hard due to a loss of cerebrospinal fluid is severe depression; insult to injury for sure! While I am a caretaker by nature, the road was rocky for me at times too; although I consider my role in his battle and recovery to be one of my biggest blessings and accomplishments! Life is certainly different than what I had pictured, but different can be good as well!

What I take from all of our stories is to be kind! Life is hard enough for everyone at some point and time! What's the saying ,,, "We are all fighting battles that most will never know of ,,, be kind!"

Thanks for the forum my CNet friend and for your honesty!


Subject: What are your Christmas/Semester Break Plans?

Forum: What are your Christmas/Semester Break Plans?
Happy Saturday CNet!

What are you doing for Christmas this year? How about the break between semesters?

I have one more week with my second graders and it is sure to be a "Buckle Up, the Ride Has Left the Station" kind of week!!! The first thing that I am looking forward to is some silence! Bahaha! Christmas will be just my husband and me here in Montana. We have some plans to get out in the mountains around our house and do some exploring,,,we haven't had much snow in the low country so it should be possible or we can break out the snow shoes. I'm sure it will include lots of reading, movies and we want to explore some small, tourist towns not too far from us. They are always fun and pretty at Christmas time! We also want to get to the nearby ski area and spend a day skiing. I am looking forward to it all!

How about you? What are your plans?


Subject: Re: What are you most grateful to CNet for?

Forum: What are you most grateful to CNet for?
Hi Jess,

Of course I am grateful for the opportunity to pay down my student loan debt!

But, it has also been a kind of comfort and a sort of friendship too! I know it sounds funny, but I feel like I "know" so many of you. We are all in the same boat! I know I will feel weird and somewhat sad on the 26th when when we all loose touch so abruptly. I want to know the rest of your stories so to speak!

I hope all is well with you!


Subject: Re: Birthday Club?

Forum: Birthday Club?
Hi Katelin,

You'll get my vote almost birthday girl! :)

I hope you are on break and loving it! I've got my little, over excited second graders for one more week!! It's gonna be a "Bucke Up The Ride Has Left The Station" kind of week for sure!