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ScreenName: Phuong Lam Hello everybody, My name is.... Phuong Lam. im from Vietnam. " ^__^ i'm smile all the time. it makes me forget who i am." Forget that sentences... More
City/State: Chanute, KS
High School:
College: Pittsburg State University
Wichita State University
Mississippi Univ for Women
Seattle University
ScreenName: paris4t I am a 32 year old cosmetologist and full time student. This is very important to me, mainly because neither one of my parents finished college and as... More
City/State: wichita, KS
High School: Wichita Northwest High School
College: Wichita State University
ScreenName: jhilton More
City/State: Wichita, KS
High School: Maize High School
College: Wichita State University
ScreenName: andie2004 Hello I am currently pursuing a carreer as a Nurse. Right now I am taking pre-reqs in order to be accepted into a bachelor Nursing program at Wichita State... More
City/State: Great Bend, KS
High School: Ellinwood High School
College: Wichita State University
ScreenName: khoyle More
City/State: Wichita, KS
High School: Wichita Northwest High School
College: Kansas State University
Wichita State University
Univ of Nebraska at Omaha
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Oklahoma

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Subject: Re: How Often Do You Change Your Phone?

Forum: How Often Do You Change Your Phone?
Hey y'all
I really don't change phone that often had my first phone when I was 15 and only change 2 times and that was 3.5 years ago so yeah don't need to tell it broken, but if you talking about a free phone sure I'll take that free phone from ya.

Subject: Re: Best movies of your childhood

Forum: Best movies of your childhood
Good afternoon
My favorite childhood movie definitely of course the lion king the knowledge,the joy, and the sad part about the movie. Getting to know the circle of life even though I was really little so it almost flew right past me. The sing along "hakuna matata" my personal favorite like whenever I get stress nor just really just want to sing it. The scene I can't forget is when simba's dad died I teared up then and sometime now just one tear this time lol. That was my all time favorite childhood movie

Subject: Re: Secret to Success

Forum: Secret to Success
Hello, mistervancleef.

A certain formula? I just speak to as many people as I can each week. And consistency works well. I don't know that I have a formula, but I've paid attention to the movements of others that I can tell on a weekly basis who has or hasn't voted for me! Weird, right!? Once I find out somebody hasn't voted for me, I'll be sure to go and reply to another one of their forums before the voting period is out. But this is after I've already spoken to everyone else. If you speak to as many people as you can each week (they can only vote for you once), cast your two votes (four on Wednesday), and post 5 times per day, I think you'll be just fine.

Have an excellent day!


Subject: Re: Give a shout out to someone on College Net!

Forum: Give a shout out to someone on College Net!
Hey, Jessica.

I pick you for my S/O. I love your insight and your openness about the world around you. You have just the right amount of aggression and compassion. The world certainly needs more like you!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: LAST DAY ON CNET!

Harish: Thanks, buddy! I've seen the consistency in you as well. It won't be long before you're maxing out, too! The "graduate" status comes after you have reached $10,000 in CNet funds. I'm not sure where to find it, but there is a cap. The status is updated by somebody behind the scenes, though... bc if I could, I'd keep participating! My previous student debt is massive, and I haven't even began to scratch the surface! I will be completing my degree with the last sum I receive from CNet. I have to fund the entire summer, so I'll need every dollar I've earned... Lol Good luck, sir!

Jessica: I know how you feel. I've felt that way when other people have graduated. I even feel concerned when people just stop participating. Like you said, we begin to grow slight relationships with people here and I wonder if they're okay when I haven't seen them in a while. I hope all is well with the ones who've fallen off! At this point in my son's life, he can take care of himself. I've been working for 8 years to create his independence, so I don't have to micromanage him when we're at home. He asks for help when he needs it. We sit down at mealtimes and discuss our days, plans, and new discoveries. About an hour before bedtime, I put my life on hold to attend to his. We read, I check homework, get school clothes, play video games, etc. That's just part of it. I spend an hour loving on him and then I pick my life back up when he's in bed. I complete as much school work as I possibly can, as early in the semester as I can, so that I do have a bit of time to treat my son on a date here and there. But he likes to be alone, so I don't think he suffers too badly by not annoying him all the time! Lol Good luck to you!