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Subject: Re: Do you like your friend's children?

Forum: Do you like your friend's children?
Hey Mary,

I agree that kids seem cute when they are unruly and adamant when small. But when they keep up with this attitude even after growing up, it doesn't really seem cute. It becomes annoying. Well, I certainly won't like a teenager or an elder person not understanding how to behave in a situation because they must have been taught good manners.

The reason that kids these days happen to be poor at manners and tend to be rude is not their fault.

It's the fault of their parents. Technology is a co-conspirator as well. Parents these days happen to be happy to give their kids an iPad or a smartphone and let them play games on it endlessly to keep them occupied, just to not be bothered when they are watching their favorite shows or when out on a picnic. Sure tablets and other technology teach kids a lot but obsession if allowed, kids tend to turn to social media and virtual connections rather than actually talking to people. What this does is that kids end up not learning any manners. As they don't get the chance to actually interact with people much, thus leading to a stark lack of people skills and good manners.

For this situation to change, parents must be in a position to monitor and control the amount of time that kids spend with technology and must also check what sort of company they are in as bad company can also mean bad manners. Whatever good that could be taught by parents can be easily unlearned if under bad peer pressure, so this must be taken care of as well.

Agree. "Votes mean scholarships", people ; so do vote without fail

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Choosing a major

Forum: Choosing a major

Hey Lisa,

Follow your heart. Try taking a few courses from each department. Talk to seniors from each department. Consider your career goals. Do you want to do something you'd like and earn less or you would like to earn more even if you don't like what you are doing (due to family situation)?

It will turn out that things that may seem perfectly interesting now might not be so once you take a couple courses and talk to seniors about the line of study in the department.

Read Paulo Coelho's 'The Fifth Mountain'


Subject: Re: What's your choice of transportation?

Forum: What's your choice of transportation?

Hey Allan,

My campus is like 4.5 miles away from where I live. So, I usually take the bus but there have been instances where there have been no buses or I just felt like biking.

I liked the way you said it, " little bit of daily exercise and also time to reflect ". Even while going on bus, I take the bicycle so that I can cycle back if there are no buses or if I want to travel somewhere within the campus.


Subject: Re: Have You Ever Cheated Before?

Forum: Have You Ever Cheated Before?
Yes, quite a few times. Especially when it comes to stuff like competitions with sibling and cousins. There was this one time when I played video games with my cousins and I had given them the joystick with a little bit of loose connection.


End result: All through those holidays they never wanted to play video games for fear of being owned by a pro. I revealed it to them the day they were returning home from my place and they were chasing me around for hours :P


Subject: Re: How are you feeling this fine day?

Forum: How are you feeling this fine day?

Hey Jenelu,

I'm a bit stressed actually. This is like the sixth or seventh time I have been in the top list but might not win the scholarship. It's sort of like, it's way better when you don't know how close you came to winning.

Let's see what happens. All the best to all of you.

May the best this week win ! :)