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Subject: Re: Etiquette during boring conversations?

Forum: Etiquette during boring conversations?
Hey Nelikya and all,

I guess you are fine as far as your husband is listening to him. It's not so rude for hone of the host to abandon a guest, while the other gives their attention. I really like Mary's suggestions of diverting the person than avoiding him. It's good for him too as doing other stuff than simply ranting about life can actually make the day better for the other person too.

Also you can try changing the topic of the conversation to lighter topics and maybe keep the person talking about happier times. At least that way you can prevent talk going out on tangents. You as a host, definitely have the right to get yourself excused and go on about work when there are long visits because there maybe things in the house that you may have to attend to by then.


Subject: Re: Student Organizations

Forum: Student Organizations
Hey Ratio,

I'm in a bunch of them. I attend ACM and UF Artificial Intelligence Club. I am also part of Graduate Student Association and Data Science Institute.

I'm one of the Library Ambassadors and the most fun one is that I'm part of Shakespeare in the Park which is a drama team who stage plays of Shakespeare in the park for all to watch. I'm also excited about our next week staging of Seasons of Love. I'm playing Lysander in Midsummer Night's dream (Summer), Cornwall in King Lear (winter) and King Henry IV (Autumn).


Subject: Re: Blisters!

Forum: Blisters!
Hey Alex,

I get a blister when I go trekking and use ropes or when I happen to climb a tree or overdo stuff at gym with gloves that I'm not comfortable with. Yes, I do get them often. The problem with me is I think like you do about whether to burst and decide that it's better to let it heal on its own, but in the end I realize I just burst it anyway, haha !! Can't control it somehow :P

Subject: Re: How many language do U speak ?

Forum: How many language do U speak ?
Hey Emilie,

I can speak four as well, I guess it's hard to increase the count now. Some research that I had checked out once said that you could learn up to 12 languages by the age of fifteen, but after that it's going to be hard. So, it's important to teach kids new languages when they are young.

I can speak English and Tamil really well. I can speak French and Hindi a bit.

Let's see if there are people who can speak more than four.


Subject: Re: Cable or Netflix?

Forum: Cable or Netflix?
Hey Kyle,

I agree, in fact I don't have time for either of the two. Used to watch TV on cable back in undergrad, but now I barely leave the lab and then I have to study for other courses or submit assignment. So yes no time for TV, here too.

So what I do when I want to watch something is just go through some short funny video on YouTube to relax and that's all. Got to go study for an exam that's tomorrow. :(