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Subject: Re: Toxic Work Places

Forum: Toxic Work Places
Hey Kay,

That's so sad that people are so inhumane and treat others like that. I don't know why any of these people do this and why they can't think in the shoes of those getting affected.

I think your significant other must team up with other employees who were also abused and sue this employer. He deserves some legal punishment and nine years is way too long to have put up with him. I guess your significant other is a calm and patient person.

I wouldn't have been able to take all that. Religious intolerance is so naive and backward. By the way, I haven't worked many jobs and all that I have worked have been good. In case there's something happening with which I'm uncomfortable, I directly bring it up to them and try to resolve it. Usually my employers have been understanding of that.

Hope your significant other has a better time in his future career endeavours!


Subject: Wow! Competition! Ergo,good forums! Good for CNet!

Forum: Wow! Competition! Ergo,good forums! Good for CNet!
Hey guys,

I recently saw a couple forums regarding how so many new people are coming up on CNet! I too personally felt it. Last election I was on the top of the list, now I'm at the bottom :P

I like this competition, if it's not tough, we may not take the effort to post good forums, don't you think?

If it's challenging everyone posts really nice topics as forums and gives detailed nice replies.

Do you think competition leads to better performance results? Not just in this context, but in general as well!

Or is competition a stressing trouble for some?


Subject: Re: Charge it Up!

Forum: Charge it Up!
Funny you should ask this. Right now I'm on a bus and am using a portable charger to charge my iPhone as I don't want to waste the time while I'm travelling.

I don't usually keep count but it should be around 3-4 times I guess.


Subject: Re: When do You Drop a Friendship?

Forum: When do You Drop a Friendship?
Hey Bry,

I think from my side I won't drop anyone as a friend from my side. I try to let everyone in with all the difference, varied opinions and fights even.

I rarely drop friendships. The cases where that happens is in extreme circumstances like when the person, that is, the other friend involved wants to drop it. I can't do it on my own.

Or when an another closer friend asks me to not talk to someone and drop the friendship of someone who was once a good mutual friend.
So those are the only deal breakers.

I have been dropped some times. Once when I tried to help 'too much', the person started distancing themselves from me. There have been instances where people have dropped friendship when I supported the right party in a conflict when both sides where my friends. The wrong party were a gang and they dropped my friendship for me supporting the right person.

Thank you for a thoughtful forum!

Subject: Re: Child's play...

Forum: Child's play...
Hey SocialW,

One of my favorite childhood games was called 'Seven Stones'. There were two teams. The objective of the game is to arrange seven stones of varying sizes one on top of each other.

That's all, it's so easy you think? Nope.

One team has to arrange these stones while the opponents have a soft tennis ball that they have to aim at one of the team which is arranging the stones and get them bullseye. So the trick (for the team arranging stones) is to run deceivingly, dodge the ball such that it goes past them far off and the team hitting them has to go get the ball.

It can be played solo as well. The one who has the ball has to hit someone before he arranges. The one who arranges wins.

Another game we used to play was called 'Monkey'. It basically puts one helpless person in the middle while a few of us play catch and the person in the middle who's called the monkey has to jump and try to intercept the ball like a monkey. We do this even now with soccer ball, football, frisbee, etc. and usually standing around as a circle.

Let's play like kids again!!!