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ScreenName: CaseyMarina More
City/State: orlando, FL
High School: Colonial High School
College: Valencia Community College
ScreenName: DeluciousCherry More
City/State: Deltona, FL
High School: Deltona High School
College: Bethune-Cookman College
Florida A&M University
Valencia Community College
Jacksonville University
Johnson & Wales Univ-N Miami
Atlanta Metropolitan College
CUNY-Brooklyn College
Long Island U-Brooklyn Campus
CUNY-Medgar Evers College
New York University
Stony Brook University/SUNY
Florida Metro Univ-N Orlando
ScreenName: lwelizabeth More
City/State: Kissimmee, FL
High School: Osceola County Sch For Arts
College: Valencia Community College
Trinity College of Florida
ScreenName: spquick23 More
City/State: Orlando, FL
High School: University Hs-Orlando
College: Valencia Community College
University of Florida
ScreenName: rodman19 I was able to pursue my career in Colombia mostly to my academic accomplishments. I have receive a complete evaluation from “World Education Services”... More
City/State: orlando, FL
High School:
College: Valencia Community College

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Subject: Re: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Forum: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Hey! My favorite ice cream flavor would have to be mint chocolate chip! every since I was a baby my mom always gave me mint chocolate chip and every time I get it it just brings back so many memories and It's also very refreshing on a hot summer day!



Subject: How do you feel about your spouses parents?

Forum: How do you feel about your spouses parents?
How do you feel about your spouses parents/ grandparents?

I have absolutely no problems or issues with my boyfriend's mother, I love her to death... At times I wish she was my real mother. She is amazing.

BUT his grandmother on the other hand could hurry up and turn over in her grave... Now I knoww that may sound horrible but you all really don't know how stressed out she makes me. Hell if my lose my unborn child its because she stress the hell out of me. She provokes me and she wants me to react so she can show/prove to everyone that Im not a good person.

Lord knows I have been very humble lately and praying is the ONLY thing that's gonna make me sane.

Any interesting stories?

Subject: Re: Send out a special Prayer.

Forum: Send out a special Prayer.

Im not the type to openly pray in front of others but this forum is sweet,

Much love,


Subject: Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

Forum: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

This is a funny topic for me. I say this because when I was in grade school I LOVED math, did so good I was being offered scholarships for engineering while I was still in middle school.

Then I took off one year from school after graduation and by the time I returned to school, in not sure what happened. I took college algebra and failed twice!! Now my school is charging me out of state cost for my third attempt in that class for this summer courses. Almost 1000 for one class (I want to cry) but this time around ima kill it because I refuse to pay this much for a class again.

Subject: Re: Is babysitting hard or easy?

Forum: Is babysitting hard or easy?

I think babysitting is easy. The main thing to remember is learn how to control the children your watching and don't let them control you. See kids are smart... Even babies... If they can sense that they can run over you, they will. Create a schedule for the entire day or evening so that everyone can stay somewhat organized. I have been working around children my whole life and I think its ok. Not all kids are angels but not all adults are grown up lol