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ScreenName: FightOn More
City/State: Tigard, OR
High School: Western High School
College: Univ of Southern California
ScreenName: UPenngurl I want a good college education and a degree that going to work for me. I have worked hard and sacraficed alot to get where I am. This is why I think you... More
City/State: Old Bridge, NJ
High School: Old Bridge High School
College: Univ of California-Berkeley
Univ of California-Los Angeles
Univ of Southern California
Babson College
Fairleigh Dickinson Univ-Metro
Princeton University
Rutgers-State University of NJ
Cornell University
New York University
Drexel University
Temple University
University of Pennsylvania
ScreenName: Moonlightmile89 My name is Alex. Nice to meet y'all. I am a Nevada high school senior who want to attend University of Southern California in the Cinematic Arts department,... More
City/State: Las Vegas, NV
High School: Advanced Technologies Academy
College: Univ of Southern California
New York University
ScreenName: bookz1 More
City/State: Paramount, CA
High School: Gardena High School
College: Univ of California-Berkeley
Univ of Southern California
ScreenName: Ginny I completed my undergraduate career with a BS in Communicative Disorders, living close to home and with my parents help. Now I'm off to graduate school... More
City/State: Verona, WI
High School: Verona Area High School
College: Univ of Southern California

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Subject: Re: Define Success

Forum: Define Success
Hon Amanda,
To me success is just if you are happy with how you did and if you achieved the goals you set for yourself. I ran a marathon today and my goal was not to stop and to run the whole thing. I was also thinking I would finish around 5hrs but I end up being 4:39.54. In my book I was very successful. I wasn’t the number 1 finish, heck I probably wasn’t in the top 1,000. But I am happy with how I did and I believe that makes me successful.


Subject: Re: At what age should kids have a cell phone?

Forum: At what age should kids have a cell phone?
My parents had a cell phone I could borrow if I was going somewhere and need a phone to call them when to pick me up. I didn’t have my own phone until I went to college. I honestly think this is the best time for kids to have their own phone. I teach in a high school and I am constantly having to tell kids to get of their phone or take them away from them. I ask my students what they did this weekend and it is usually watching Netflix. There was a study and it showed that kids spend 1/3 of their time looking at screens. I live in a hawaii these kids should be at the beach or hiking. Too much time is spent looking at screens.


Subject: Re: Who is your role model? Why?

Forum: Who is your role model? Why?
Hi Bria,
I don’t have a specific person I feel like is my role model and someone I want to be like. I have people who have influenced me and people that I admire. My 6th grade science teacher is who got me really interested in science. My fourth and fifth grade English teachers are who really helped me with my dyslexia and spent a lot of time working with me. Because of them I have been able to achieve academic success. My mother is the strongest person I know. But I feel like I am my own person and I have to be the person I want to be.


Subject: Re: Board Games

Forum: Board Games
Hi Grace,
Every Holiday my family plays board games too and I always make guest play too. We have a big collection of games. My favorite is Cranium. People a lot of times don’t want to play at first but once we start it is so funny. It’s a mix of a lot of classic games you have charades, Pictionary, trivia everything. It’s a good game to get you up and moving. Another one we have it Yahtzee Free For All, it is a spin on your classic Yahtzee game. Then there is Trivia Pursuit but in the one we have you bet chips if a person is going to get the answer right or not.

We have monopoly but we haven’t played it in a while. For some reason Monopoly make me and my siblings really competitive and get mad at each other. It also takes forever.


Subject: What are you awesome at?

Forum: What are you awesome at?
Hi CNetters,
I feel like we have a community of bright talented individuals here on CNet. So it got me thinking what is everyone hidden talents, what are you got at?

I am a really good swimmer. I love being in the water and I can dive down pretty deep and hold my breath for a decent amount of time. I have played around swimming, diving, and doing spins with seals and dolphins before. I tend to feel more at home in the water. Who knows maybe I was a mermaid in my past life hehe.

What are you awesome at?